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new glock rear sight tool

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Any one seen one or used it, would like input about it?
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Well I got one, It is half the size of the orignal it comes in the Glock light box. It has an adapter to allow you to use it for 9mm/40 and another for 10mm/45 so you don't need to seperate tools if you have multi caliber collection

I've used it to remove sights and to tell you the truth this sight tool will not last long it maybe good if you need to adjust a sight or two but if your going to use it to remove alot of rear sights it will break. Matter of fact I already broke it already only after 3 sights. The small roll pin that secures the worm drive screw to a "washer" broke under stress of removing a sight.
I'm a little disappointed on how cheaply this tool is made considering what company makes it GLOCK

If you need a rear sight tool try to find the original.
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