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new glock owner - Question

  1. Is it bad if the spring moves a little out of the grove when i breakdown the pistol?
  2. No, it is normal. :wavey:

    Which model Glock did you purchase?
  3. 26...my first pistol..love it
  4. Very cool, congratulations!!
  5. As already stated, what you are explaining is normal. I wondered the same thing with my first Glock a few weeks ago. Congrats on the 26.
  6. ......and just be sure to re-seat the spring into the crescent on the barrel lug when you REASSEMBLE after cleaning.....
    You WILL LOVE that 26!! Enjoy!!
    Practice often...and STAY SAFE!!:supergrin:
  7. the 26 IMHO is the best overall Glock made., accurate, great for CCW, 10+1, not heavy, whats not to like??
  8. congrats!! Be safe