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new Glock owner, issues with RSA

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by grousemaster, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. grousemaster

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    Dec 7, 2010
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    Last week I purchased my first Glock, a gen4 G19. After putting a couple of hundred rounds thru it (trouble free) I noticed that the outer spring on the spring assembly was a little "stretched". The spring can actually fit over the end of the assembly that fits into the little hole near the muzzle. This can cause issues with reassembly.....i.e. it can stop the slide from going back on unbless you push the spring downward before reassembly.

    First I went to the shop I bought it, and they told me my problemn was with Glock, not with him. I called Glock and was told that they were waiting on a new lighter RSA for the gen4 G19 as people have been having issues shooting lighter loads. I was told that I would be sent one in a week or so when they arrive from Austria. In the meantime I ordered a G3 RSA conversion kit to put into my pistol.

    I was also shooting with a few friends and one of them kept having ftf, fte, and such...I told him he must have been limp wristing (none of the rest of us had trouble shooting). I then held the pistol lightly to show him what he was doing wrong, on my first attempt I was able to produce a FTE from limp wristing. The ammo we were using was the cheap 115 grain red box federal stuff from Walmart, which works fine in my other pistols.

    I also tested my carry ammo (winchester 124 gr +p supreme elite, the new FBI load). I could not get the pistol to have a malfunction, even when limp wristing, while testing this new ammo....any thoughts?

    On a positive note the Gen4 "feels" much better in my hand and amazed us all with it's accuracy....we were hitting at ranges you all might not believe. Any thoughts? Is my issue with a bunk RSA or what? Should I roll with the gen3 RSA or install the new gen4 if it ever shows up? In any case...this is a little disappointing as I passed on a lot of other nice pistols.
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    Dec 29, 1998
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    Oldtown Idaho USA
    Yes you are correct, Glock inc is having issues with their new Gen4 recoil springs. This is hardly a surprise to the aftermarket manufactures in that they have been dealing with this issue from day one....... 20 years ago! Many Gen4 owners are using this single stage recoil spring conversion until Glock Inc gets the reduced weight Gen4 springs to market.

    Yes I have many thoughts about premium ammunition. It is worth the money paid. If you plan to run crap ammo, do not blame the (barrel) manufacture for the ammos deficiencies.

    If the gun feels good in your hand your personal performance will benefit. I know of several shooters whacking 10" steel plates out to 200 yds. I know of one customer that claims 400 yds hits. I have not seen this myself but have absolutely no reason to doubt his statement.

    Keep the recoil spring conversion in the gun until something better happens along. It was broke & you fixed it... Good Job!