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New Glock History video...GlockDown.

  1. How it all started. With reenactments!

  2. Saw that yesterday. Wish they would have gone more in depth
  3. Cool video.
  4. Thanks for sharing, good video
  5. It's 2016, can they figure out how to do slide finishes properly?
  6. So, like 10 or so years ago?
  7. Glock could care less about the finish, the gun is designed for the military and police. The finish purpose is to darken the gun so it's not reflective. Militaries and the police aren't worried about pretty, they want function. I never had a criminal complain about the finish on my Glock when I pointed it in their direction they seemed satisfied with the finish and it's less then sexy lines. It doesn't matter what Glock does people will complain about it.
  8. If you never had better and then received something worst I can appreciate the comment.

    Those that have recived better over the first 10 years of Glocks existence suggest a return to what has been received. To exclude anyone but military and police would definetly limit the market and your observation for exclusion suggests making a point without complete forethought.

    The (3) F's of Form, Fit and Function remain and predominate.
    The ability of the individual though to BUY product at a competitive price with Enduring Quality is a point you miss, the issue is more is spent for less as the Consumer is concerned is the issue.

    For those that care less, continue your acceptance of less, and less and less, for those that don't accept discontinue to buy Glock.
  9. While I can no longer speak for the military, I assure you law enforcement does care about what their officers' firearms look like. Most of the departments that issue firearms ultimately answer to their constituents, and THEY definitely care what the guns look like.
    Don't believe it? Try switching out an AR15 for an AK47 and see just how long it takes until you're standing before the man.
  10. All respect, you are talking about two different weapons, not the finish on one. Actually, having been in and around LE for 25 years now, I can't say that I ever recall someone complaining about the finish of their duty weapon. They get holster wear quickly and are exposed to the elements to a degree that other are not which makes the finish somewhat moot. Does it happen with some, sure, but I've never seen any trend toward it.
  11. Fascinating video. Thanks for posting!

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  12. Thanks for sharing!
  13. It ain't Glock history if this isn't in there.

  14. Cool video.
  15. I enjoyed the video. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Pretty cool video. Also watch the videos with Shane Coley.
  17. Glock puts out a cool video showing G17 prototypes i've never seen before! So COOL!

    And......people whine about the finish. :bunny:
  18. Cool video, thanks for sharing.
  19. The video mentioned "enthusiast" exactly one time. I lost count of 'military' and 'police.'

    Regardless, that was a good good video.