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New Glock 48

  1. Sadly, I picked up my new 48 yesterday, and really like it. The problem is that I have a 43 that I like, including some custom work I had done on it, and now will find it hard to rationalize carrying this pistol. The 48 conceals well, is comfortable and groups really well with minimum recoil. More rounds than the 43, can get a better and more stable grip on it due to larger but still concealable grip and my new Tulster AIWB holster is perfect. I really wish Glock would stop coming out with new models that seem to out perfect the Glock perfection that they shout about.
  2. Congrats on the G48
  3. Congrats

    You have 3 pistols there....
  4. I have a 43. If he has a 48 and a 43, does that mean he has a 43x, too? Hmmmm

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  5. Actually 4 different models as it can also be a 43L
  6. Congratulations on your purchase. I have one as well. Its my favorite glock so far.
  7. But he can only use two at a time.

  8. No need to be sad having more than one option.
  9. Carried the 43 as my EDC and wanted to get some custom work on it that had about a 3-4 month turn around so bought a new 43 and had an Apex trigger installed to carry while the other one was at the custom shop getting everything done.
  10. I have a 43 and 48. My wife Carrie's the 43. After some experimenting at the range, I have been very very seriously considering permanently swapping the slides. My wife likes the 43's grip length for concealability, but the heavier slide does make it easier to control. And, for me, I could hardly tell any difference between the 43x and 48 in shootability, and would probably get a little more comfort out of the shorter length since I carry at 12 O'Clock.
  11. Well IMO, there is nothing to think about! I have a 43 which is my EDC but in the near future, I plan to get myself a G48 or maybe a G17 because these two have longer barrels and hold more bullets and I might need one of these when and if the SHTF! I also have a carbine that uses G17 mags. Lots of reasons to have both the G43 and the G48, G17!