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Some people love modified Glocks

others don’t

I’ve had a 21 for a few decades that has run like a diesel and I’ve always been a 1911 guy and a revolver carrier

i wanted to try a red dot on a pistol and mounted an RMR on a TRR8 and really liked it

so I thought I’d do a semi auto build and the Glock 34 was a likely candidate

Chris from S&L did the build and stiple 7 undercuts

here is the parts list

ZEV gen 4 Glock 34 prize fighter slide

shadow camo cerakote

custom mild accelerator cuts on the frame


Zev tech prize fighter slide

Zev internals

Zev RMR co witness sights

Zev SS dimpled match barrel

tungsten guide rod

Zev magazine release

Zev Magwell

Zev titanium pins

Zev titanium extended slide lock

Zev adjustable fulcrum trigger

this was at my gunsmiths on delivery while we were dialing in trigger

Dialing in at 25 yds

So far I’ve put 300 rounds through it with out a hiccup

The red dot is a learning curve on acquiring but some time and muscle memory will hopefully cure that
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