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New Glock 32

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Yeah, I know; "wow, it's a Glock 32." This one is going to remain 100% stock. The trigger, though a bit heavy, has a nice crisp break:

Better pic:

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Mmm... Speer Gold Dot. Looks pretty.
YOu should search for the .25 cent trigger job, helps a lot on the trigger.

Have one just like it...sweet pistol. Got a couple of thousand rounds thru mine with zero issues.
Nice 32! Congrats!
YOu should search for the .25 cent trigger job, helps a lot on the trigger.

Yep, done that on a number of my Glocks, but I think I'm leaving this one alone. I'll shoot'er smooth...:cool:

I've got a 17 year old Glock 17 that is bone stock sans some Novak sights, it has served me well.
Thanks fellas. I have had a serious itch to go back to .357Sig since I experimented with my Glock 22 and a 31 barrel a few years ago.
Congrats....I bought my first glock 2 weeks ago, a 32 also. Before that I mainly had Sigs. Been to the range once and I really like the way it handles. I think it will make a very good CCW, much lighter then even my Sig Pro 2340.
I love my 32, congratulations!
Good choice!
:wavey:Congrats, nice gun!
My EDC is a G33, Have a G32 also, Really like the .357SIG round :supergrin:
hey, what kind of holster is that??????
I'll have to check when I get home, it's a brand my local gun shop carries--but not a big name; only $46 bucks, I was really pleased with it.
Congrats dude.
Nice man. Congrats.
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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