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New Glock 26 gen 5 purchase

  1. Went into my local gun shop and picked up a 26 gen 5 , One thing I did noticed and again it’s no big deal, it just something I caught with my eyes ,after looking at a few 26 gens 5’s some had 26 gen.5 and a few others had only 26 gen 5 on the slide. Found that kind of strange lol.. anybody have insight on that? Just a dot difference lol
  2. Interesting... I remember people commenting on the “dot” when they first came out. I just looked, my blue label USA 26 gen 5 has no dot.
  3. I’m thinking when they first released they had the “dot” but guessing Glock did away with it with the recent gen 5’s
  4. No dot on mine, but a lot of barrel wear after 500 rounds. I guess that's the price of the tighter tolerances, from what I've read. Very accurate though, so I guess it's worth it.
  5. I just purchased my 26 gen5 and it had the “dot” I thought the early runs only had it.. hmmmm
  6. Oh Great!...now we will have another endless round of threads about dots or no-dots...and the added value of each iteration...sigh
  7. 2A3D431D-2199-4671-A8FD-922C93F3B19B.jpeg Congratulations! I love mine and actually find the perfect handle to fit my hand is that with a 15 round magazine. It doesn’t have the “Glock hump”

    I think the 26.5 is an early run Austrian made thing. Not positive but it appears that way. Mine is a USA made and doesn’t have the dot. Will be interesting to see what others have to say.
  8. Thanks
    if you don’t like the post why comment? ‍♂️
  9. Than
    thanks! And I agree
  10. The ones with the dots have RFID government trackers inside. :bump:
  11. Awesome!
  12. Congrats! I have been looking at one for about a month now, I will be getting one myself.
  13. Thank you sir! You won’t be disappointed!
  14. I wish they hadn’t come out with the Gen 5’s. It’s already caused me to buy another G19, and I know there’s likely another G26 in my future. Damn you, Gaston Glock.
  15. Lol.. trust me it’s well worth it brother..
  16. Several small but worthwhile improvements.
  17. Well I use to carry a Glock 26 Gen 4 ... Traded it in and pick up a CZ Rami .... Well can tell while the CZ Rami is a decent gun, I should not had traded my G26... But luck struck in January the week before Shot Show here in Las Vegas. I walk in to one of my local gun stores and I ask about anything new in and there it was a couple of Glock 26 Gen 5 !!! Well I pick it up right away and is once again my primary carry gun.... And Yes is extremely accurate. By the way mine does have the DOT... pics below[​IMG]

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  18. One more[​IMG]

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  19. I don't have a gen 5 yet, but wear from tight tolerances usually happens early and then slows to normal wear. I have a Kahr pm9 that was TIGHT when new, and it showed a lot of wear by 500rds, but to my eye hasn't gotten worse since and well over 1000 now.
  20. Looks like all the austria26 gen 5s have the “dot” ...the USA models don’t have it.
  21. GEN5 G26 P229.jpg

    Mine is normal.
  22. Yea I think the dot is only on the Austria models of the 26 gen. 5’s
  23. [​IMG]
    Hard to tell in this crappy iPhone photo, but mine has the "dot" also. Like someone else said, it must be on the Austrian made ones.

    It's my belief the wear on the barrel is not from tight tolerances but because the finish is basically a "paint" which is not very impact resistant.
  24. Ahem...The "dot" is a period. It is actually proper English to place a period after an abbreviation. cough, cough :whistling:

    Happyguy :)
  25. Yep, the 19X got me and I'm sure sooner or later the gen5 26 will too.
  26. I was determined that I was going to get the g5 26, until time to pay up came.
    The new 26 feels great and the trigger is real nice but I decided to hold a g5 19, just to see.
    I have not liked any 19 previous but I really like this one so I went with it instead and I am happy.
    But those 26s..maybe someday.
  27. Mine is also an Austrian Gen.5
  28. ;);)
    Well, since you mention it, "proper" has a subtle difference in the abbreviation and period case, depending on whether you are talking about British or American written English. As it turns out in this particular case where the abbreviation is not with the first and last letter of the abbreviated word, the period would be correct in either British or American, but if it was an abbreviation of say, Doctor (Dr) or Mister (Mr) only the American version gets the period.

    Just sayin'. ;)