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New Glock 21 Price

  1. Quick question:

    New Gen 3 Glock 21 with mepro nite sites for $699.00 (+ uncle sams cut)

    Good deal?

  2. It really depends on your area. Glocks here are about as cheap as anywhere and I could probably get that 21 for 550 w/o the meps, probably $630 w/ the meps. Heck, even in VA prices vary. My local shop wants 650 +/- for a NIB 21 w/o night sights.

    That could be the going rate in your neck of the woods.

    Good luck!
  3. No. I bought mine not long ago (w/out night sights) for $499. You can get night sights for approx. $65. I would pass on that deal.
  4. How available are 21s (OR even Glocks in general) in your area? Where I live Glocks are flying off the shelves. I finally got my G21 Tuesday!!! NIB, w/o night sights for $599.00. (w/free box of ammo)
    So...you may want to jump on that deal. I love having night sights on my G27. I think well worth the extra $100. I have occassionally seen Glock .45s for as much as $750; don't know if they had night sights or not...
  5. I bought my 19 in Apr. for $559 and my 27 used (50 rounds fired) for $450. Sheels, the store I'm looking at has 3-21's but I focused on the 21 with mepros so didn't get the cost on the others. Their 19's however go for $599. They have traditionally been about 40-50 bucks higher, but this deal stuck out. I've seen at the mom/pop store I usually go to a 21 for $659, w/o mepros. This is Lincoln, NE by the way. Home of the huskers and legislature that doesn't believe in CCW.

  6. Glock 21 prices in the DFW area gun shows vary a bit. I have purchased a generation 3 re-furbished 21 with mepros for 449 + tax. New generation 3 Glock 21 are 499 to 519 w/o night sights to $529 to $549 with night sights. Guess we are fortunate that the supply and prices are good.