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New Gen5 19 with FBI sights (photos)

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Finally made it my my local Blue Label dealer and picked up a Gen5 19. Took it home and installed a set of the Ameriglo FBI sights (GL-5517) purchased from Brownells during their $84.95 sale. As you can see from the photos it has the beveled front nose that matches the slide. Hope to shoot it tomorrow and will give a range report once accomplished. Here are some photos:

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Installed my own on 2 Glocks with no problems.
Plastic rear sight just taps out.
The new rear sight needs to be fitted to your slide's dovetail.
I place a sheet of 220 wet or dry sandpaper on a flat surface (granite block).
Hold the sight flat against it and sand the bottom until it will seat almost fully onto the dovetail.
I just tap it the rest of the way with a hammer and brass punch.
Front sight you will need a little 3/16" hex driver to R&R it

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Taroman, what tools did you use to install your new sight? I'm ordering the sights, but I'll need the tools to do it. I see they have several front sight tools, one rear sight tool, and a fancy (expensive) one.
I have a number of sight pushers, but didn't use them at all on these two GLOCKs.
Tools used are pretty simple:
Plastic tipped hammer, sandpaper, granite block, brass tipped punch. I grind the punch tip to fit the sight better.
I use the sight pushers mostly to remove factory sights that were crushed in with a hydraulic press.
That sort of force isn't necessary. Take the time to fit the sight and it can be easily tapped in and, just as important, easy to tap to make any necessary adjustment.
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