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New G34 and Recoil Rod Cap Question

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Picked up a new G34 gen 3 (Blue Label, fixed sights, 4.5 lb ). Super stoked about getting good with this pistol. Glad to be back in the GLOCK Family. A quick question- When I lock the slide back, it obviously exposes the recoil rod. One thing I noticed was that the "cap" on the recoil rod spins freely. It doesn't do this when you remove the recoil assembly during break down because it is under tension. But when you lock the slide back it releases the tension and it spins. Almost feels like it is gonna pop off. Since I have no other Glocks here I have nothing to compare it to. Anyone else have a G34 gen 3 and can tell me if this is normal? Hate to have that thing pop off sending the spring through the muzzle of the gun. I suspect it is fine/normal, but figured I would ask to be sure. I included pics of the new G34 and the Recoil Rod "cap" I am referring to.


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Tiz normal, Go forth and shoot like the wind.
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