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New G29 Owner. Need advice on AM barrel

  1. Hello fellow 10 Ringers!

    I've been member on this forum for a long time, but I have not noticed that there is a separate sub-section dedicated for the 10mm. I'm glad I found it. I recently got a G29 and after reading bunch of your posts on after market barrels, I'm still debating - do I really need one?
    • Do I really need and after market barrel for better chamber support when shooting reloads?
    • How better is the support from a KKM barrel vs the stock?
    • How hot can I go with the stock barrel?

    I'm planing to load 165 and occasionally 180gn coated and plated bullets. I will probably stay off the nuclear loads untill I get a chrono so I can exactly see how fast Im going. KKM is my choice If I decide to get an AM barrel. Id love to hear your inputs and experience, especially from you realoaders out there.
  2. I've read a bit on the forums here so this is how i understand it. Any point I am wrong on please correct me, i'd hate to put out bad info.

    I think some of it has to do with what glock you have, the newer ones have better support than older ones.

    you don't "need" an aftermarket barrel to do reloads. As you stated you don't plan on nuclear loads so it shouldn't be an issue if you use decent brass. (lots of people say stay away from the PPU pistol brass)

    Mostly you want an aftermarket barrel if you are reloading a lot of full power loads.
    I've done underwood loads through my gen 4 g20 and no issues with the brass.

    kkm is a great barrel, definitely has good support, tighter than stock but on occasion there may be some hangups if the load isn't good enough, tighter specs give less leeway if something isn't right (such as bullet shape, seated incorrect depth, case expanded too far and didn't resize properly)

    How hot you can go is really up to you. not all loads fire equally out of all guns, and it's up to you how far you want to push the safety envelope.
  3. Instead of pushing the 10mm into "hot load" territory, why not get a bigger caliber that better suits your needs?
    I shoot some fairly stout loads through my G20 and G40, and I've yet to see a case bulge.
  4. Instead paying $30+ for box of 20 self defense 10mm ammo I would like to load my own. That's the only reason I'd load a hot 10mm. 10mm offers lot more variety for reloaders.
  5. G29 and G20 both gen 4 with KKM AM barrels.
    went to them so I could build lead practice rounds that mimic what I carry, and save a few obamabucks over the long haul.
    with stock barrels, my brass was getting beat up pretty badly, not so now. I do not push the package, my reloads whether lead, plated or jacketed stay within published specs. the big thing is to start at the bottom half and work up until you are satisfied with the results.
    always use a gage and also do a plunk test with whatever barrel you use. sneak up on your taper crimp until your rounds drop into the gage and back out freely, and pay attention to COAL.
    the KKM are as function reliable as the stock barrels were, not an issue.
    one thing I needed to come to terms with is my grip. I am a geezer with arthritis in my hands, so my grip is not what it once was. strong enough for all the other calibers I shoot, but needed to work on it for 10mm.
    I had to bring more focus and remind myself to grip it like it is my ex wife's lawyers throat, so to speak.
    10mm is an impressive round. it has become my favorite. the G20 is now my woods gun, and the G29 is carried whenever I leave the house, unless I need deep concealment.
  6. You can do all that with the stock barrel and not have to load so hot that it risks a case rupture.
  7. Glock 29 = Ex wife lawyer Grip! lol... :) :) :)
  8. I already loaded some, I will test them with the stock barrel, see how the brass comes out and then work my way up.
  9. I had an early Glock 29 Gen 2 back in my 10mm hey days. I put close to 12k of my hand loads down range with that gun. I used it for IDPA, carry on and off duty and a constant shooter. I pushed some loads so hot, I thought the gun was going to jump out of my hand.

    All this with the factory barrel. Not once did I ever have a case rupture or show any signs of over pressure or failure. Of course I used premium DT brass or other quality brass and triple checked my rounds. I never used any cast bullets, always jacketed.

    If your plan is to load so hot it pushes the boundaries of the calibers limit, it's time to step up a caliber.
  10. I shoot mostly plated reloads through my Gen 3 G20SF and G29SF, so I follow Rainier's advice and keep them under 1,200 fps. Others will tell you different. The stock barrel works fine for me. I've never had a Glock smiley. Thousands of 155 and 165 grain loads. Nothing near maximum. .... I don't see the point (I've got several .357 and .44 Magnums if I want to watch the muzzle flip up to the ceiling).

  11. Great stuff! rockchslk and minervadoe, what powders are you using for your 165 155 loads? Is there a 10mm reloading data here in the 10ring?
  12. I'm not sure if there is or not, but il see what I can find. My preferred powder was blue dot. Made for nice fireballs but didn't burn near as good as I liked.
  13. Lots of fun at the range today. I think 10mm might become my favorite caliber. The G29 was flawless. With no pinky baseplates the G29 handled great. I imagine the G20 will be even more pleasant to shoot.
    BlueDot is out of stock everywhere. I found some Acc#7 that I will try soon. I tested some 165gn Berry's and 180gn Hornady bullets today behind AutoComp and It worked great. The 165 had less recoil with the same powder charge vs the 180.
  14. Ass others have stated there is no need to buy an aftermarket bbl to shoot reloads. I've been shooting reloads thru my stick bbls for years without incident! I also shoot hard cast lead without issue. I load fairly stout loads because I want to practice with loads that are simarlar to defensive loads.