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New G19 or Gen 4.

  1. I am getting very close to getting a new Glock for concealed carry. I really love the 9mm, and have carried one concealed for many years.
    I have been carrying the S&W M&P 9mm for some time, and decided to trade it in for my S&W 442 revolver. It is so much lighter in weight for the summertime. I am missing my higher capacity pistols now for certain occasions.
    I have been reading about the difference between the Glock 19 and the new Generation 4 models. Is one really better over the other? Should I be considering the newer model over the other?
  2. [​IMG]No matter what gen you get I would recommend the G26.
  3. I would get it now. The gen3 has proven itself reliable for years. I have no doubt that the gen4 will do the same, but I would give it a year or so to see how things work out. You never know when you will need a cc gun, and plus buying it now is just more fun!
  4. Jstewart,
    Why the G26?

    That was my concern. The older models have been proven already. Was not sure though about the new model and if it was worth going for right away.
  5. G19 is a fine cc gun. A G26 is really small. I know a girl who is pretty petite and doesn't have big hands at all, and even she complains that the grip is too small. She had to get an extension for it. The size of it is very appealing, but shooting it was a pain in the butt for me. I'd gladly take a bit larger gun in a G19 to have the comfort and ease of shooting it brings. Many people conceal a G17 full size, so a G19 should work out for most anyone with a nice belt/holster combo.
  6. Ive shot all the models that come in 9mm and 40 s&w and have found that the G26 is the best (in my opinion). I traded in a G19 to go smaller to the G26 and have been so happy ever since. I have smaller hands and put the +2 base plate on one of the mags and have just the extension on the other... I alternate depending on how i have been shooting them at the range.

    I also have a Sig P245 that i keep at home and a Kel-Tec Sub2000 in 9mm that accepts the glock mags.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. If you are saying that the G26 is too small for a woman, why are you saying I should get the same model?
    I had the M&P 9c, and got rid of it because of it's too small of a grip!
  9. I own all the 9mm Glocks and carry a G26 daily. A G26 receiver is not really that small. What you are referring to is the height which can be addressed with an extended magazine. I prefer the Glock OEM extended magazine to all others.
  10. The grip length is the part of the weapon that is the hardest to conceal. If I was going to opt for the mag extension, wouldn't it be better to go with the 19 instead?
  11. I wouldnt, but that is just me. I would suggest you go to a local gun shop that will let you rent guns and just take 200 rounds of 9mm (if you can find it) and try the 17, 19, 26....
  12. I will give the G26 a look at tomorrow. I am going to a gun show that is about an hour away from the house. Wanted to go today, but we started getting snow again, and I figured it best to wait for tomorrow when it was warmer and roads were clearer for driving.
    I took home a SA/XD9sc over the weekend from my dealer to give a try to see if I liked it, but again, the grip was a little too small for me, and the pistol's overall weight was a bit too much for me (another reason I got rid of the M&P 9c). I hate to think I need to go with a .45 with single stack mag for concealed carry.
  13. A large number of full grown men use a G26 with success, but it just didn't feel right in my hand, even with the extension. Just wanted to clear that up before people get all up in arms about me talking badly about the G26. Once you hold it in your hands you will be able to tell right away if it will work for you or not.
  14. The 17 and 19 feel pretty good in the hand. I actually qualified with the G21 .45 for my CCP.
    First time I ever even fired one. I was going to shoot a Star PD for qualifacation, but the day before I went for test the extractor broke and I could not get it repaired in time. The instructor let me borrow a pistol from behind his counter for the shooting portion. I did so well with it that he did not even have to try to count the hits on my target. They were so close that he took one look at the giant hole in the chest that he just signed off and told me I should be carrying that Glock. I did not want that one due to the compensator on it. It was a great shooter though.
  15. Understood. That is what I worry about. I wear a size large glove with a little room in it. A medium is a bit too tight. It fits, but skin tight. I just may be doomed to continue to carry my 442 revolver!
  16. A G19 is a good cc gun for anyone who wears normal clothes. If you wear super tight jeans and body fitting t shirts, it'll be hard to conceal anything. I really think that a G19 9mm is right for you. In my opinion the best Glock to use as a cc gun is the G23. Decent sized gun with more than enough .40S&W rounds in it. It's the same size as the 9mm G19.
  17. 100% G19 - the Gen 4's may be great, but as of now they are unproven.

    The Gen 3 G19 are true gems IMO.
  18. Newbs, meet Newbs. :whistling:

    So tell me how well that G26 draws or even holsters for that matter with all the rubber grip tape crap on the slide? Also, since when did Kel-Tec make a Sub2000 that took the magazines from the subcompact guns?
  19. I am 58 years old. I seriously do not think I will be wearing tight fitting jeans and shirts any time soon!:rofl:
    I had considered the .40, and even the .45. I enjoy shooting and do it at least once a week here on my property. I have several ranges set up. A 100 yard range for rifle and scope settings, a 50 yard range for my shotgun practice, and my 75 yard range for my .22 rifle shooting. For pistol and revolver I have a 3,5,7,10, 15 and 25 yard setup all marked and staked out. These are all set up in different areas of the property.
    I do a lot of shooting here, and try to keep up on everything I have as far as calibers. If I was to expand on calibers now, It would cost much more to continue my weekly practice.
    Right now I am down to 30-30 and .22 for rifle ammo. .22, .380,.38 special and 9mm for handgun. I would hate to have to add a .40 or .45 to the list now.
  20. mnglocker,
    Good eyes you have. I never even noticed the friction grips on the front of the G26. Had to scroll back to look at what you were talking about.
  21. jstewart must have added those, because they're not stock, and I sure as hell would not add them as the font ones would prevent any functional use of a holster and the rear are just something else to slow the draw.

    If you're looking for a shooter and not a carry gun, there's no reason to go small on the frame size. I'd grab a G19 or 17 any day over a sub-compact for paper punching. And as far as carry goes, you're talking about the same length grip on a G26 as a G19 when you add in the grip extension. Barrel length has very little to do with concealability when you're talking about Glocks.
  22. I agree about barrel length, and stated that a couple posts up. As for the grip ext. on the 26, why not just get the 19 and have the extra rounds in it, unless the ext. mag gives you the extra rounds. If that is the case, I would say I want the G19 for the longer barrel and sight radius that goes with it.
  23. I don't mean to be argumentative, but I don't think you can necessarily tell right away if the G26 will work for you or not. I'd owned a G17 for many years when I decided to get my concealed carry license. The G17 is too big for me to conceal, so I began examining my options for a smaller gun. At first the G26 felt very odd. I checked the CZ RAMI, it felt odd too. S&W642 also felt odd. Basically every subcompact gun I held felt odd. I finally just went with th G26 since I liked my G17 so much. I've put about a thousand rounds through the G26, and it feels perfectly natural now. I shoot it about as well as my G17, and have absolutely no regrets about getting. Sometimes you just have to spend some time with the gun before you can say for sure.

    As for the Gen4 guns, I bought a G17 last week, and I love it. If I've saved up enough for another pistol when the Gen4 G19s are released, I plan on buying one of those also. I think the smaller backstrap on the Gen4 gun is absolutely fantastic, as is the extended mag release. I can understand your concern about the Gen4 not being proven, and I'm honestly not sure if I would have one for my carry gun or primary home defense weapon yet. Give me a few more months to test it, and then I'll be equipped to make that decision.