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Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by BigBadAllis, Feb 12, 2010.

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    Hello All

    New to this site and just got set up to post. Below is the latest message I put on another forum. Please feel free to offer info or sound off on my post. Please note that I think this is just a fluke and I'm in no way bashing Glock. I was proud to buy this gun and will probably buy another one, but I'm having problems with my G22 Gen 4. (my 1st Glock ever)

    Now I'm getting frustrated. I've been given two different stories on the reasoning. One was from the dealer relaying what Glock told them and the other from Glock when i called them myself. The dealers relay to me was that Glock Corp said that the G22 Gen 4 will not handle target loads very well (i.e. the Winchester White boxes) and should use hot loads which is typical for self defense or carry loads. I told the dealer that that doesn't set well with me since i bought the gun based on the good name in the market place and all of the reviews I have read about Glock. The dealer admitted not ever hearing anything like that from Glock prior to this issue. I would assume that any reputable dealer which the one I purchased from is would tell me that when i was buying it. If that's the case, I would have bought the Gen 3 that was right there next to it.

    Glock corp also told me that it can be temepemental with the lighter loads (Winchester white box) and the 18 gr Federals should be fine for the range. Well again I think that's unacceptable giving that most people who say their guns never jam have been shooting a wide rande of different loads and I even seen the abused models work fine. One thing is that as of right now the Fedaral is $13.95 50 rd box abd the Winchesters are $16.95 for 50 rds and $29.95 for the 100 rd value pack. I really don't think it should matter on the Winchesters or the Federals.

    Now to figure out why I have the small dings around the collar of the compression spring where it seats into the barrel.

    This gun was purchased as a carry weapon which bothers me that I really can't trust it. I have been shooting for 30+ years and this is my first Glock. I was excited to own one to see what all the hype was about.

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