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New Frontier polymer lower

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Anyone have experience with these? Actual experience, not just what the internet says. Bought an AR build with this as a lower for under $400 so I couldn't have failed too bad.
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Had one and the only issue I had, saw someone else have it, was that the buffer tube needed to be screwed in one more turn so it would actually cover the retaining pin. Other than that it was fine. Do not remember it being out of spec. Only reason I got rid of it was because I built a lower myself and at the time I did not need two lowers. Silly me. You can never have too many lowers.
I say you scored a pretty good deal. I really would like one so I could do a super lightweight build. Would I take one into hostile territory in the military, probably not, but for most people they are fine. Me and a friend will be getting Tennessee Arms polymer lowers so we can have a build off. Might even get one of their clear lowers. Just for the hell of it.
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