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New Ford small truck (like, original Ranger size) coming (?)

  1. Sorry if repeat/jambog. I did a search, didn't see.


    I'd be looking at a Tacoma if I were shopping for a less-than-big truck. But more options for buyers is good. Competition is good.

  2. Doesn’t look Ranger sized. Looks like it’s a regular cab f-150.
  3. I would say “if they built that it would sell!!!” but Nissan, Toyota, and GM all made small 2 door trucks and honestly they didn’t sell very well. The Ranger was the best selling 2 door of all of them and it became unsustainable.

    The Bronco version would be expensive. The Bronco is billed as a competitor to the Wrangler and they have a contract with Dana Axles to provide off road ready components... that won’t be cheap. Honestly I don’t think there is much of a market for a $40k small pickup.

    I may be wrong, and I hope the Bronco is a huge success that does compete for some of the Wrangler market. I think some of the reasons people are willing to spend big money on Wranglers is that the top comes off and there is a huge aftermarket community...neither of which the Bronco will have when it rolls out. Time will tell
  4. Knowing how smart Ford is -

    Maybe it is as big as an F-150 on the outside - but has an interior, tow & haul ratings comparable to what a Ranger use to have.

    Plus it will cost more than an F-150, get lower MPG than an F-150 and Ford will wonder why it didn't sell.
  5. I like it. Put in a 400 horse motor and six speed manual and I'd like to own one.
  6. I don't think it is, but for all I know it could be. (Fender flares don't look right though) Obviously Ford wants to milk the fullsize F-150 look. But the photo I posted is just what accompanies the article. I offer no warranties or guarantees.
  7. Hopefully they are better then yrs back. Often the small trucks only got slightly better milage, cost slightly less, couldn't haul anything really.
    I really wanted one. Got a F150 for a grand more 5x the pickup.
    It should get at least 20% better milage at 20% less $$$$
  8. The only real “small” size truck (more mid) is the Nissan Frontier. Even the current model ones are bigger than the Nissans used to be.

    The new “small trucks” are the size of the early 2000’s full size trucks.

    I don’t need a truck to pull a horse trailer.

  9. Obviously has some styling updates.

    This is a “SVT” Single can someone put together. Looks awful similar to me. Certainly more similar than to that of a Ranger size vehicle.
  10. They need to make a cheaper truck, which is why the original Ranger was so popular. The cheaper Ranger is now $24K and it looks like a sub $20K truck, which it should be. They'd sell well with a base price of $19,000.

  11. Remember when you used to be able to throw an elbow up on the bedrail of a pickup truck? Now you can't see over some of them.
  12. Yup. I had an 89 Nissan pickup. Loved it. Small, light, simple. Get it stuck? Could push it right out.

    Now have a 2011 Frontier. Bigger, but the extra space behind the seats is nice, especially with the suicide doors. Manual windows and locks. Automatic transmission (wife can’t drive stick). For $8500 used it’s a hell of a truck for what I need. Perfect truck for pool guys, exterminators, or just someone who needs to haul crap to the dump every now and then

    Not to mention, not only can I place my steel targets and rifle case into the bed of the truck, I can get them back out with my feet on the ground.
  13. Video in original link.

    Would have been a terrible idea to make an announcement this week. C8 Corvette reveal is Thursday and would have buried it, press wise.
  14. WTH is that?!? Ford/Tonka collab?
  15. Could it PLEASE have roll down windows, non power locks, non power seats, manual transmission, and simple analog dials instead of idiot lights and digital guages.

    I don't want all the computer chipped technology you can fathom.

    I'd like some return to simplicity that doesn't break easy or require a visit with NASA for a simple parts change.

    Not gonna happen I'm betting.
  16. They did say small truck. :supergrin:
  17. They just need to go back to making real trucks.

    No power crap. Real mirrors and crank windows. Basic color and no trim. No plastic air dams or skirts. No carpet, Rubber floors. 8 ft bed. Trucks that are tools.

    Even “contractor models” are loaded with unnecessary crap I don’t want to pay for just to haul junk and building materials.
  18. I'd buy that!

    I've been thinking about the earlier toyota trucks and wished they still offered a smallish regular cab pick up that's great on gas.

    I'd like one just like in that photo but prerunner with locking diff not 4x4. If it was diesel it would be ideal!!
  19. Which of the little trucks was great on gas?

    I had a 99 S10, and an 01 Taco, and both got worse mileage than my 03 2500. Hell even my sisters 2wd taco didn’t break 26.

    Unless you could get something like the VW TDI engine, most American diesels don’t get that great of mileage either.

    The Colorado gets ok mileage, but even that is creeping up on the size of my 2500
  20. When the title said size like the "original ranger", my first thought was to the F250 ranger my sister owned for a little while... (pre 1983 ranger)

    Okay, so original ford ranger TRUCK, as apparently there was a 4 door sedan ranger before it moved over to the F series truck lines.

    So yeah, does look kind of the same size as the original ford ranger pickups.
  21. Last October I went to buy a Toyota Tacoma and came home with an F150 Super Crew.

    I get 20 mpg and I can comfortable pull a 7500# trailer.

    I made the correct decision.
  22. you can have some of that. will be special order and cost more.

    it costs more because no one wants that. people talk it all the time but no one ever actually buys it.

    you want your manual windows, non power seats, and manual transmission? should be able to pay extra and get them. (again - no one who will actually buy things wants that or they wouldnt have to go out of their way to make it for you)

    analog dials? maybe...probably not though. they would have to redesign the entire dash electronics to give you that.

    you want simple? simple is what everyone else is buying. that is simple from a mass production standpoint, also the cheapest thing is to buy what they make the most of.

    if you bought a fleet of vehicles you would have the buying power to leverage to get the cost per unit down to closer to what you want - but for a one off? you are paying more for less vehicle chasing an antiquated idea.
  23. that photo is the current ranger imo. I read some other articles, many speculate its the european focus based truck, others something different. Plus calling it a courier or f100. Tacomas prices are TOO much. Many people loved their little trucks with a bed and good mpg (by 90's standards). There's no reason for them to have stopped making them. The new class of compact trucks should get 22 city 30 hwy. Cant be pulled off in the full size/ranger/colorado. Needs a true 4x4 with low range and a 6ft bed as an option. Likely end up with some awd and a mini turbo 4, which i dont want. I surprised Subaru hasnt come out with a truck on the outback/accent frame with cab height like a forrester. Again needs a true low range, 4x4 option. Must be able to close the gate on a atv.

  24. If you don’t want a turbo 4, how do you expect a full size truck to get 22/33 mpg?
  25. Ford was selling plenty of Rangers with the old body style and they had the tooling paid off, but they were greedy wanting to sell more F-150's. My wife insisted we trade our 98 Ranger on a 09 Escape and listened to me moan for the next several years and then we got a 2012 F-150 Crew Cab Lariat that she selected and now complains if I drive on a gravel road. One year earlier and a Ranger XLT for me. So I just don't drive the F-150 much. It will last forever.
  26. I'd like to see that to. but considering the cheapest new compact-sub compact bare bones car on the market is around 14k I think its doubtful.

  27. You conveniently left out the last sentence of my post about this not happening but don't stop a good rant. :)

    What you list is indeed how vehicles are sold in the US. But not in other parts of the world.

    Hyundai, Kia, Mahindra, Toyota and others manage to make and sell a pretty wide assortment of small body trucks worldwide without the need to add the DL, DLX, ABC-DEF, "Luxury" packages added in the US to maximize dealer /manufacturer profit.

    It's not that "people won't buy " simpler packages, they're not even offered without special order, or fleet purchase, which is the same thing.

    I think they should be.
  28. No one wants to build small trucks because they can't justify tje huge pricetags they put on them.
  29. The new Ford Ranger is definitely small, compared side by side with my 2017 Silverado. As salesmen quickly point out, the gas mileage difference between large and small isn't big enough to matter unless gas prices skyrocket. My interest in downsizing is ease of handling in tight spaces.
    I owned a 2005 F-150 XL, manual seats and crank windows. Once I got stopped (cop thought I might be intoxicated because I was loafing 7 mph under the speed limit on I-44 and when I let the truck wander so that the right side wheels crossed the white line, boom, probable cause) and smiled with amusement as I had to reach across the cab to manually open the window.
  30. I luv my Colorado. Perfect size and it's downright fast from a stoplight with the 8spd trans and 308hp.
  31. lol, I had to read your post a couple times. Yes, Rangers couldn't haul or tow a whole lot, but they were known to be reliable and easy to fix.

    I had a '85 and a '93. 1985 Ranger was base model, stripped - down to the push button AM radio! Truck never failed me. Only thing I did to it was add helper springs to firm up the rear suspension - Rangers were known as tail draggers with anything in the bed. 1993 Ranger was also stripped, but had the V6 and 4 wheel drive. I added a snowplow, and plowed with that truck for almost 13 years before it literally started falling apart (snowplowing is hell on pickup trucks).

    Except for maybe adding more tow / hauling capacity, I don't think there is anything Ford could have done to make a better small pickup truck.

    Toyota and Nissan must have had parties when Ford made the (I think) idiotic decision to stop selling Rangers in the USA.

    If the new Rangers are anywhere near as good as the old ones, Ford will have a winner.
  32. I've driven two Rangers (2x and a 4x). Loved 'em both.

    Bring it on Ford.
  33. Probably never see them this size again.

    Mitsubishi mighty max

    Chevy Luv

  34. drove the "new" much touted ranger. plenty of power but HUGE overall size as well as HUGE price, mid $30,000's.
    Only yuppies can afford these giant gas hogs.
    had a 2004 Frontier and it was "right sized" for me. nothing like that on the horizon. nobody even looks at price as they are only interested in the monthly payment and not how long the payments last. you can always roll over your "under water" ride into a new, huge, overpriced piece of computer loaded junk that nobody can fix.
  35. I don't know, but I have been looking for a base Tacoma. Prices start around 25K.
  36. Self competition is why GM and Ford are not building a smaller cheaper truck. It would take sales away from the more expensive money maker. Same reason GM wouldn't allow Pontiac to build a two seater in the 60's, because it would dilute sales of the Corvette.
    The big 3 ignored sales of foreign cars until it was almost too late. If Kia starts to build a small cheap truck and it sells really well and eats into domestic sales, then look for GM, Ford and possibly Ram to get on board. Until the day sales of the big money makers makes a big decline or the economy really tanks, I'd doubt we'll see a small cheap truck. Just my opinion.
  37. A lot of what I have read has indicated that the new Bronco will have a removable top and doors. I hope that is the case.
  38. I do too... but I just read the opposite recently. I think Ford hasn’t made up it’s mind yet. Do they want to compete with Wrangler? Or take the easier road like Chevrolet and sell a bunch of regular mid sized SUVs with a classic nameplate like the Blazer.

    I hope they commit and honor the legacy of the gen 1 Bronco.
  39. They announced an emogi of a truck this morning. They even made a cryptic video for it that came yesterday.
  40. The original "Ranger" was a trim package for F Series. I had a '69 F250 Camper Special Ranger. Nice truck, but underpowered with the 360.
    The Courier was a small truck before the Ranger series that started in '83.

    Ford pickups...
  41. Amen!!
    But I do like modern computer controlled engines. They are quite bulletproof. At least in my experience. And overdrive trannys are a nice improvement.

    I only view any vehicle for their utility purpose and it's really hard to find that nowadays.
  42. My first car was a 1981 F150 Ranger 2 door, long bed, stick shift with the mighty 300 straight 6!

    Somewhere that truck is still running and driving...it’s still ugly and slow as hell and not exactly what a 16 year old dreamed of...but I would love to have it back!
  43. I wouldnt want a turbo 4 in the new compact... What i was getting at, with the mid and full size trucks theyre never going to get the mpg that you should get in a new compact.
  44. The old tiny compact trucks didn't get that kind of mileage. I don't understand how you think a "new compact" that is the size of a early 2000's full size regular cab truck is going to get 22/30 on the highway?
  45. I had a 93 Ranger regular cab 4x4 4.0 V6 and it was a beast in the snow. I grew up out in the country and one year, we got four or five, 10 to 14 inch snows in a month. I enjoyed picking up stranded co-workers and the only one on the road except for many full size, jacked-up trucks with fat tires that dont work in the snow in the ditches stuck. I do miss those little swing out windows. Dont remember the mpg, i dont think it was great. The bad, it was cramped driving and the body was rusting bad at year 4 and got rid of it. I had a 2013 F150 supercab STX 4x4 with rubber floor and base v6. Plenty of power but could only average 18 mpg. Now that im at 'mid life", i still want a capable 4x4, with atleast mid 20's mpg city but i dont want to be elbowing my passenger.
  46. I currently own a 2004 ranger 4wd with 114, 000 miles. I hope to have it a few more years anyway before I get something new. But I'm torn. I love the new rangers but not sure the new price is worth it. 33 grand for a 4wd small truck??
    I'd love a tacoma but doubt I could ever afford one.
    For now, I'll just try to keep this one on the road.
  47. I’m about to head out for errands in my 1990 Nissan truck. The only vehicle I’ve purchased brand new. 215 K - (I share mileage with a Civic and 1978 BMW motorcycle).

    Four cylinder. Five speed manual. I like shifting! Roll up windows. No AC or radio (was going to have an aftermarket installed, but never did - I don’t need electronic audio stimulation every second of my waking hours).

    I can do most of the mechanical myself. Sure some other lucky owner will be driving it when I’m in the boneyard.
  48. My understanding is the crash regs have mostly eliminated the possibility of old tinny little trucks like my d-21 (which gets 24-30 mpg with an old sohc 12 valve).
    I'm not sure how that reconciles with some of the tiny cars on the road, ****, take a miata and put a bed on it, I'd be all over that.
  49. I sold my ‘89 Nissan in 2003 with 290k to landscapers for $1200. I’m sure it’s still hauling mesquite to the dump today.