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New first time gun owner and member

  1. Hello fine folks of Glock. Just got my hands on my first ever firearm, a total noob but I’m taking all the right steps to learn to be safe and responsible.

    I have a Glock 17 Gen5 MOS. Really confused about exactly what fiber optic/titriam day/night sight is comparable.

    I saw the Truglo TMX Pro for Glock but in one post it said it wasn’t compatavle with MOS? Also I can seem to find an explanation of Low vs High. If anyone has good recommendations I’d appreciate it.
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    Usually all the sight companies (Dawson Precision, TruGlow, Ameriglo, etc) will list what sights are compatible with which model firearm. That means they will fit. If you buy a set of sights (front and rear) for that particular model, it SHOULD shoot point of aim = point of impact. If you buy the rear or front sight ONLY, then you have to figure what the appropriate height of that sight should be.

    As far as the Truglo sights not being compatible with the MOS model, I'm not sure why unless they are saying its not compatible with a RDS installed. If no RDS is installed and the plate is installed, why wouldn't it fit? Don't know. Recommend a call to their customer service if you're serious about purchasing this sight.

    "High vs Low" usually talks about the sight profile, or height of the front and rear sights. Suppressor sights are always "high" so you see them over the can. High vs low is relative, though. CCW sights are often "low" so they won't snag.

    Maybe someone else can shed some light on this.
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  11. Thank you Bomber. This helps explain a lot. I like the idea of a low snagless profile thought this will be in a bedside safe or on the range for the most part. Have a great weekend
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