I put together this sweet new setup before my last bike crash and subsequent surgeries last winter. Been selling all my bikes and fun toys since my spine/hip/knee got f'd up but figured when I healed id be able to play golf at least...Well, went to driving range three times and terrible pain each time after that lingers for days. Guess I cant do that now and im not willing to cut my swing speed in half just to be able to play...

This is a complete turn key setup with everything you need to play awesome with and look damn good doing it. Everything is 1000% new unused except the driver/5/SW which have maybe 500/30/30 shots on them respectively. The bag hasnt even left my house...... If you always wanted to get into golf and didn't know where to start or wanted a "high end, all the stuff you need, none of the crap you don't, bloated/30lb bag setup" this is it.

-Rare Multicam Ping Bag (super light, million deep pockets, things gorgeous in person)
-Ping G410 Plus 9* adjustable (tour tensi carbon shaft) Better than the 425 imo and a lot of other peoples opinions.
-Cobra Grandsport 35 putter, thing is a total piece of art, like a Lamborghini
-Cobra Radspeed One Length carbon fiber reg stiff (with awesome chrome finish) 5/7/8/9/Pw/Gw/Sw (skipping the 6 as the distance gap from 5-7 is is perfect)
-High end Sig Sauer laser range finder (same one I use for shooting rifles 1000+yards

-all clubs have same golf pride tour velvet plus 4 (if you haven't tried these you HAVE TO!)
-3x boxes of DIVIDE balls. these are totally awesome, and are super easy to see, also help a lot with putting + great distance and look super trick obviously.
-bunch of other random good balls & 2x packs of vintage Wilsons from the 50's I had lying around
-spare grips
-club head towels & nice brush/pic tool
-Varying height tees
-ball maker & other little accessories

Frustrated I have to sell it, going to price it cheap so it can go fast and I don't have to think about it so much... available for just 1600 delivered anywhere in usa. Pickup or meet anywhere in South Florida anytime of day. call or text please 4I2.fourhundred.6900

Happy to consider partial trades for neat stuff, i'm into high end folding pocket knives, scotch, watches.

Sorry the pics suck. they do absolutely no justice to how nice these are. like a 6yr old taking pics at a car show with a flip phone lol...