New Colorado Gun legislation

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    DENVER - A Denver lawmaker is hoping to limit the number of loaded guns in cars with a bill that would allow major cities to require anyone with a loaded firearm in the passenger compartment of a vehicle to have a concealed weapons permit.

    Rep. Joel Judd, D-Denver, said he's tired of road rage and drive-by shootings.

    "I've had a lot of people shot in my district, and I'm tired of the blood in the streets," Judd said.

    His bill (House Bill 1278) would allow a municipality, with a population exceeding 100,000, including Fort Collins, to prohibit a loaded handgun in the passenger compartment of a vehicle by a person who does not possess a concealed handgun permit. It goes before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.

    The bill would modify a 2003 law that allows Colorado residents to carry handguns if they get a permit and pass a background check. Sheriffs are required to issue permits to any legal resident who is 21, isn't subject to a restraining order, has no felony convictions, doesn't have a drug or alcohol habit and doesn't commit perjury on the application.

    In 2003, 9,522 licenses were issued. It was 6,860 in 2004 and 6,279 permits in 2005.

    Judd said gun owners who called to complain about his bill all qualified because they had gun permits.

    Judd said he wants to limit the law for now to major cities because urban areas have the biggest problem with guns in vehicles.

    "I perceive this as an urban problem," he said.

    Rep. Ray Rose, R-Montrose, said Colorado courts have made it clear that people in vehicles have the same right to protect themselves as people in their homes under Colorado's "Make My Day" law. He said anyone who uses their weapon in a vehicle also has the same responsibility as a homeowner to prove they were in fear of their life.

    "You're still responsible for what you do with that weapon," he said.
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    Like people doing drive bys are going to be worried about breaking the law.:upeyes: