New Carroll County Ordinance on Discharge of Deadly Weapons

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    Exclamation HOT TOPIC - new Carroll County Ordinance on Discharge of Deadly Weapons
    Some of you may not be familiar with the Carroll County Firearms Discharge Ordinance that was passed on 19 June of this year. If you are not, here are the facts:

    Ordinance on Discharge of Deadly Weapons

    It shall be unlawful for any person to discharge or fire a rifle, pistol, revolver, cannon or other deadly weapon within the unincorporated area of the county, as follow:
    a. 700 feet as set back from any residence, place of worship, schools, business or public meeting place;
    b. 150 feet as set back from a public road; and
    c. 150 feet as set back from any property line.

    This provision shall not apply to:
    a. any law enforcement officer while in the discharge of official duties;
    b. any person hunting upon such person’s premises or the premises of another with the owner’s consent;
    c. any existing firearms facility where the facility demonstrates to the sheriff, or his designee, that such facilities safely operate and where such facilities satisfy the 150 feet public road set back and the 150 feet property set back.

    At no time shall any discharge of weapons be permitted where a showing that public or personal safety is endangered.

    As you can see from reading this information. This is very restrictive; to property owners, and recreational target shooters, plus while saying hunters are exempt (with permission of the property owner), many people smarter than me have said that in fact this law could be applied to hunters as well. Literally one could not shoot even a Bow and Arrow within 700 feet (233 yards) of their own house. Certainly no target practice with either bow or gun. While some commissioners have said that the 700 foot rule would not apply to one's own home. As the ordinance is written, IT DOES.

    Many people do not know that this ordinance has passed so the word needs to get out. People need to contact the county commissioners to voice their opposition if they do not like it.

    I have an electronic copy of a letter (FAX) to the commission board that asks for the ordinance to be re-called. I would be happy to forward this to anyone. Also asked is that if you can physically show up at the next commission meeting do so to let their voice be heard.

    Any help in getting the word about this ordinance out would be greatly appreciated.

    Just ‘cause you read it on the internet does not make it true, so in order to verify the correctness of this post here is the contact information for the commission:

    Carroll County Commissioner’s Office
    County Administration Building
    423 College Street, Room 408
    P.O. Box 338
    Carrollton, Ga 30112
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    I am a LEO in a city in Carroll County. We have a city ordinance, and don't enforce it. Think the county one will fly? Nope.

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