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New Black Belt - Kong Soo

  1. Hi. I'm pretty happy! I finished my 1st degree black belt and instructor test Saturday for Kong Soo. Kong Soo is essentially old hard style, pre tae kwan do karate. I started training 3 years ago, with no expectations but to get in better shape and to support our new pastor. He just happened to be a 10th degree black belt in Kong Soo and I wanted to help support him. I lost about 20 pounds the first year & have been hanging at that weight since. Considering my advanced age, (couple months shy of 60), I was happy to just live through the test. I guess Lord willing, you can still do hard things when you are old, if you have a high enough pain tolerance. I don't remember any PT test being that hard in 23 years in the Army/Reserves. Certainly none that lasted 4 hours, but then I took my last PT test 15 years ago.
  2. Congratulations!!!!
  3. Congratulations :)

    Mu Shin Kwan Kong Soo Do Kwan Jang Nim. :wavey:
  4. Congrats from a green PVT.Hooah!
  5. :thumbsup: