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New Beretta 96 elite 2

  1. Been wanting a Beretta 96 for awhile now. Finally gave up on finding something local so I resorted to Gunbroker. Found this Beretta 96 elite II. These have not been made for awhile. Well, the way things are I am sure I overpaid but can justify that to myself by the fact there aren't alot of these out there and no more are being made.
    It came in this morning so I picked it up and took it to the range today. This is the resulting 50 rounds at 24 feet pictured also showing the gun using PMC 165 grain ball. Using 2 hands.
    These were originally berettas competition guns from what I have seen and I think it shows. Very accurate pistol I think.

  2. Nice!
  3. Very cool indeed

    I’ve got a 96 Steel I
  4. They are nice guns for sure.
  5. The 92/M9 is my favorite handgun. I bought my first on My birthday the day I turned 21 and it’s been my favorite ever since.

    That’s a cool gun. I always thought the 92 was a soft shooter in .40
  6. Very nice :)

    I missed out on a 92 version some years ago when a dealer managed to find a few new ones and other models in a warehouse though I did buy 3 of the other berettas at the same time (92 steel I, 92 combat combo, 92 target/competition) but couldn't spring for the fourth (the elite II) at the time.

    Not sure what would make this a competition model though, it seems to be essentially a standard 96 in duo tone finish. No barrel bushing, target sights or frame mounted safety etc.
  7. Congratulations. That's a great looking firearm.
  8. Nice! I imagine that cost you a pretty penny?!

    I'm sorely lacking in the Beretta department, and although I've have had my eye out for one of the Brigadier models I've only ever come across one locally...unfortunately it was in poorer condition than I like to own, and this is why I'd rather not buy one of these pistols online because I'm real picky and need to see things like this in person. Best wishes with it :)
  9. I haven't had time to dig into alot. Just read online it was a attempt at the competition market before Wilson and Langdon started turning them out.
  10. Nice!! Glad you were able to find one!

    Congrats!! :cheers:
  11. That's a beauty!

  12. The difference is that the Elite is American made, which always stopped me from getting one. I generally only buy guns from their original country of origin. I’m weird that way.