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New Beretta 92/96A1

  1. Congrats!
  2. It also has a dovetail front sight so you can actually change out the front sight, I am so glad they finally changed that on the 92 after 25 years.........

  3. I didn't get one...wish i had one.:supergrin:
  4. It's about time for the front sight dovetail. I am not impressed with the round trigger guard.

    Having said that, if I walked up on one in the gun shop, I probably would buy one or more.:supergrin:
  5. Eh, a 20-rounder from Mec-Gar for my "old" M9A1 is just as good.:cool:
  6. Nice, very nice. I like the new trigger guard.
  7. Looks nice
  8. I like it except for the rounded trigger guards. I'm a finger wrapper.
  9. and they still haven't fixed the safety location, or the backstrap.

    beretta, what we need and want is a vertec style grip, a frame mounted safety, and a light rail on a straight dust cover. and don't try to feed me that 90-two crap cause i aint buying that pile of ugly.
  10. Are the small parts still plastic?