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New and need advie

  1. Just purchased my first G36 and i'm in love. One thing that i hate is that im not finding a plethora of aftermarket parts for that specific model. No color swaps on the pegs or anything. If anyone knows of a website with some custom G36 parts let me know... Thanks and I look forward to being apart of this team.
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    Best to ask in General Glocking
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  5. Welcome to GT!
  6. Welcome from South Mississipi
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  8. welcome to GT!
    and... the G36 is not the glock to purchase if you want to personalize and mod. more of the serious, i bought it to carry a compact 45acp. at least, that's why i bought mine. and it is perfect for that. enjoy...
  9. I used to own a G36 but moved to the G26 instead. I found the same thing, limited aftermarket parts.
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    Just being a smart ass. Welcome
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    As others have said, i learned long ago to steer clear of the G36 just for the reason of not much support for it. Its out there, but its sure slim pickin`s.
  12. Welcome to G.T. from southern Illinois.