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New Amazon T-shirt

  1. Makes my blood boil.
  2. Do they make that in size....stupid?
  3. They don't even want to discuss it. I canceled my membership. I guess offensive only matters for everyone but me
  4. I sent their customer service an email, ridiculous and clearly in violation of their merchant standards.
  5. Call Amazon they'll remove it. I called once for a similar themed decal they were selling.
  6. F'ING disgusting....They should be ashamed
  7. Amazon pisses me off! The Rat Bastards!
  8. They will pull it....Bezos is all about the money. Much more money to be lost than made on this one.
  9. I got on their "chat" yesterday and took a good 15 minutes to tell the lady (???) I was talking to about h ow these shirts need to be taken down.
  10. Amazon is blocking reviews on this item it seems