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New 23

  1. Got my second glock today! Also my second 23 lol! Paid more than i wanted to but thats only cause i got my fde for a song. New one is the all black, its a pvn s/n.
  2. Congrats, I love my G23..
  3. Congratulatons! Don't sweat what you pay for something. Money keeps coming... "things you want" don't knock twice sometimes. I never regret what I pay for anything. Having it is key.

    enjoy it
  4. Phones being stupid will have to post the pic later
  5. G23 is the perfect all around personal deffence weapon in my opinion.
  6. Congratulations. I picked up a OD Gen3 G22 last Friday.
  7. Nice choice, congrats.
  8. Got my call today. Been on a waiting list. New Gen 4 G23 now in the stable. SN UPU test fired 2/2/13. Such a sweet baby.
  9. Congrats on the G23.
  10. Ah the G23. Great score.
  11. Just GETTING a good gun is the important thing OP. Don't sweat the price. Soon you'll forget the cost but you'll never regret owning your 23. I bought and sold two 23s in the past before realizing its just about the perfect pistol. Bought my third about 9years ago and won't ever let it go.
  12. No doubt. 520 to 660. Who cares in the scheme of things...
  13. Congrats. I agree the G23 is the perfect package. Small enough to conceal but big enough for most shooters yet small enough for those with smaller hands and plenty of stopping power in the .40SW. I have a Gen 2 G23 LE trade and love it, born on Aug. 1993.