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new $100 gold coin 2017 release

  1. [​IMG]

    Who does she look like?
  2. Mary Lou Retton.
  3. They say it's the first time a "non-white" has been depicted as Lady Liberty. How can you tell by looking at a coin?
  4. Am I correct in assuming that this new $100 coin is only worth $60?
  5. The lips.
  6. "Who does she look like?"

    m. obama, but the coin looks a whole hell of a lot better.
  7. I don't get the reason for making it $100 face value if it's still only one ounce of gold. Is it just because it has to have a different face value from the regular $20 one?
  8. th.jpg
  9. Thelma Evans.
  10. I believe I also heard some woman connected with the Treasury say they have plans to use Asians, American Indians and other ethnic backgrounds to depict Lady Liberty.

    To a conservative, political correctness is a terrible thing.
  11. All black people must look alike to some people.
  12. Liberty is just for white people?

    Anyway, I guess most people don't realize the Saint-Gaudens double eagle Lady Liberty was modeled by an African-American, Hettie Anderson.
  13. Rosa Parks
  14. The melt value of a quarter is 3.5 cents. The new gold coin is a better deal, I think.
  15. Don't confuse us with the facts.
  16. Never mind. Just found link.

    Numismatically speaking, it is one of the most beautifully executed coins I've seen in a long while. If the end product looks this good, I'm ordering one.
  17. Obviously a rhetorical question here.

    I see no reason to change the appearance of the Liberty figure.
  18. Rosa Parks must have already been on some sort of gold coin, right?
  19. Talk about government waste, why does the government make coins like this that no one will use. Same goes for the gold colored dollar coins and the new quarters have different engravings on the back since the have covered all 50 states. The gold colored dollar coins have to be ask for at the bank since they keep them in the vault. Seems to me the mint employes a whole lot of expensive employees to dream up coins no one uses.
  20. That's the syrup chick right?
  21. Good looking coin...

    The fact that it depicts a black woman on it, is a non-issue for me.
  22. As long as my dealer will take them it's all good.
  23. I will take them bro, no problem!

    You coming by later?
  24. Bo Derek.

    I still prefer Morgan Silver Dollars.
  25. Aunt Jemima ?
  26. Reported
  27. A young Margaret Tubman perhaps?
  28. I never knew her first name was Margaret, but Tubgirl was white or Asian.
  29. If it's got one ounce of real pure gold in it, and it only cost one hundred dollars, ship me a semi truck load of them. Otherwise i don't want anything to do with it.
  30. Swoosie Kurtz.
  31. The original?
  32. Kunta. Kunta Kinte.
  33. My niece's daughter.
  34. Amanda Nunes
  35. The pics that came up on google showed a young black woman. Who knew?
  36. Really? Does it matter that much? What if they use the likeness of a conservative Asian? Or an american Indian so far to the right she makes Eric look like Chairman Mao? That's the great thing about America-anyone can be a conservative if they are wise enough-not just white guys...
  37. i want me one of those Trillon Dollar Platinum Coins..
    those right there are game changers!
    dont laugh, this actually was a real thing a few years ago to fix the debt ceiling.
  38. Anything with Tube in the title is good.
  39. How is it possible, gold is about $1200 an ounce now.
  40. This is what I'm wondering as well. Is there a link to this?
  41. I would not want to walk around with 30-40 of those in my pocket at all times.
  42. Google search brings up a few. Maybe just plated?
  43. Liberty is a concept.

    Who was the first person killed by the British in the Boston Massacre?
  44. Yeah, something doesn't pass the smell test.
  45. But doesn't the coin say 1oz on it :dunno:
  46. Yes - it does say 1oz. But the OP didn't include a link for better information. Is it a government sponsored coin? It also says .9999 fine. Another poster said it sells for $100. There's some 'fake news' going on here...
  47. There's bad math in this thread. Rabbi!!!
  48. It's a $100 coin, but will cost more than $100.

    They should do the same thing with pennies to get rid of them.