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Well hello everyone!

Long time reader, first time poster (I actually just got my account activated today - YAYYY!!! :cool: )

So I got my CCH permit finally (and am just waiting on the change of address to go through). I have pretty much narrowed it down that I will be getting a Glock as my first gun. The other candidates are the S&W M&P 9c or the Springfield xD (either 9mm or .40cal). The M&P was nice, but not many people around here work on them, and I prefer the Glock reliability and name. The Springfield just didn't do it for me, either of them, for that fact.

My original plan was to get the Glock 19, but all of the local shops were out of them, so I decided then to go with the Glock 26, and grip extension. I've been to the range and shot all of the Glocks I was interested in (at least 50/100 rounds through each). When I was at the range, the owner suggested I try the Glock 23 since the 19's were non-existent around here. Shot it and immediately fell in love with it. Well, stupid me decided to shoot the Glock 36, which I did not enjoy, but shot the Glock 30, and fell in love. After spending about three hours at the range, I thought I would either go with the Glock 30 or the Glock 26 (since 19's were not available).

I made one last stop at the range this morning and someone had a Glock 27 that they let me shoot. I enjoyed that, too. I like the sub-compacts a lot, but the compacts (19, 23) don't bother me.

So, all is great, and when I go to the gun store today (I was gonna buy, but I need to go to the sheriff's office to finalize my address change, so Tuesday it is...more time to decide), they had jsut gotten in some Glock 19s (Both G3 and G4). I liked the trigger on the G4, but hated the grips and preferred the grips on the G3.

So, here I am, fellow Glock owners. Where do I go from here? I can't make up my mind. I know everyone says to get the G19 as a first gun, and that's great advice, I'm debating it...but I really enjoy the .45ACP...despite the cost of the ammunition. I think all these other models are in my mind because I was planning and getting something other than the G19 due to their limited availability. I have read so many "which glock should I get" posts and can't seem to make up my mind. Each one I shoot, I love...and I CANT DECIDE!!!


(Sorry for the long post..., but thanks for reading! :supergrin: )
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