Neighbor's Dog/My best 4 legged friend...

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    I love dogs. Even cats. I don't want a dog, don't need a dog, we're never home. When talking to our neighbors in Walmart a few months ago they asked if we wanted their dogs who we'd been feeding and loving on as much as we could for the last year or two. We said "no". For lots of reasons. I wanted "Grand Dogs" not "Dogs".

    I had to have my last dog "put down" after he turned on me (partially my fault -explained in another thread). Haven't wanted to get that attached to anything with 4 legs since. My Wife had a 1 dog when she was a kid and it jumped on her so she wouldn't feed it and her dad gave it away. My one and only daughter is 12 year and has always been terrified of Dogs (and most animals) for no reason and even she can't really explain it.

    Feeding them pretty much anything spoiled or questionable out of the fridge and even started buying dry food and feeding that once or twice a day when they're around.

    Put an old sleeping bag under the porch for them during the most recent snow. They both have been pretty regular in being around in the morning and evening. However, the big guy (Buddy) hasn't been seen since Saturday.

    We checked and called animal control, they said they didn't have him but couldn't tell us if they had put him down.???. I get a call from a lady that says "I think I have your dog". I got my hopes up. Decided that he's ours now. Made him a vet appointment bought leash and collar. Wasn't him.

    Buddy is a free range dog (for better or worse) that's still MIA. Someone shot his little sidekick (Fred 1.0) a few months ago. He survived, but disappeared later on. Now Buddy has a new sidekick "Fred 2.O". Fred 2.0 is still around. As for Buddy, someone said that if he's in heat he could be gone for a week or two. Buddy has killed neighbors chickens and possibly kittens, I don't know if it's because he's hungry or that's just his nature or both. He tends to bark at almost every car that comes and goes lately. He's "defended" us against our shadows late one night so loudly and aggressively that I knew it had to be a bear;). I've seen a guy in the neighborhood in a truck try to run over him in reverse, even swerving to do so. I've afraid that someone has killed him or otherwise removed him. I've tried to stay out of this, but I love the dog and want what's best for him, my family, and the neighborhood.

    So if/when he turns up do I keep on letting him be the free range dog that he is or do I go to the neighbors and say "We want him" and then have him fixed, fence him, and make him part of the family?

    What say the more experienced pet owners here..

    He's a great dog by the way. Wish I had room to make him a house dog. Loves a good belly rub and is often so excited to see us that he practically knocks you over sometimes.
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    Feb 26, 2012
    Give him a home!