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Needs Sayin.

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That this "project mayhem" idea is absolutely, completely, ****ing-nuts brilliant.


I love GT, and I'm a research and information hound. I love researching issues, guns, and etc. This site will be better for it. The the more time you spend in a place, the more you need to be able to let off steam.

In honor of this thread, I am reposting the only pic I've ever posted that I'm sure got me close to being temp banned. Last night, I also raised a good glass of whiskey to all of us here on our first night. Then another or so. It was a good, long celebration and I had enough whiskey that I had to put my suitcase in front of the hotel door so I wouldn't go refill the ice bucket with my Irish pride swinging out in the open in a way that could get me in trouble with the management. Here's to Eric, here's to GT, and here's to Mayhem!

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TylerDurden;11334518 said:
You ****ing perv.
I thought you already knew about the secret handshake?
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