Need Technical help- Hi8 record head adjustment..

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    I purchased a Sony CCD-TRV57 camcorder off of Ebay for cheap because it "Ate tapes". The lady selling it said it needed a pinch roller. (She even provided a part #) Well when I got it it needed a bit more than that. The infrared emitter that is inside the tape carriage was broken off and the flexible pcb tape was torn.

    So I went back on Ebay and bought an older Sony camera that had some sort of error. Well the carriages were identical, except the older Sony camera had a bad record head.

    I swapped out the record heads and put the older carriage into the newer camera, and everything went great.

    Except now, when I record with the new camera, it says it is recording OK.. But when I rewind and playback I get a brief flash of what I recorded on the bottom of the screen, and on the top sometimes when I recorded "over", and sometimes fuzzy static lines. This lasts only for a second and then goes to the "blue" screen. When I rewind in play mode, I can see what I recorded just fine. I can also see video that my Samsung recorder recorded- only when rewinding on the new Sony. (Which makes me think it is a tracking issue and adjustable).

    I took the tape out of the new Sony and put it into a Samsung recorder I have- I enclosed a picture of the result fed into a TV. The sony will not play back the tape at all.

    So this leads me to my question: How do you adjust the "tracking" on a Sony Hi8 camera? I swapped out the record heads, and it does record, just at the bottom of the screen. I know you can manually adjust most 4 head VCR's, so I assume you can do it to a Hi 8 camera as well.

    Any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated!