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Need some help w/ purchasing AR accessories.

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First of all they buffer tube when ordering stocks... what is the way to tell if you have commercial or mil-spec size tube (couldn't find it in the handbooks), also what is a good drop in trigger assembly for precision type shooting, would I be better off w/ single stage or what? Finally how do I determine whether my AR's are carbine length or mid-length? BTW I own a doublestar star-15 16" barrel and a dpms lr 308
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I believe Doublestar and DPMS both use commercial diamter receiver extension tubes, which means the diameter is slightly larger than ones that are mil spec. You can fit commercial stocks on either tube but they will be loose on a mil spec extension.
Remove the stock and look at the buffer tube from the side.
A mil-spec will have a 90 degree end, a commercial will have a 110 degree end

Trigger, I have a Timney trigger in mine. There are many options for you, take a look at what the vendors
above have to offer.

A carbine gas system's gas block will be about 7" away from the receiver, a mid length will be 9"
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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