Need Opinions: SD mind-set for single mom

Discussion in 'The Okie Corral' started by TurboRocket, Feb 2, 2010.

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    I am trying to help a single mom friend with getting a self-defense mind-set. She's having trouble with an ex-BF. She's tried everything in court but he's sly - he knows how to do just enough to harass her, without leaving a trail. Restraining order attempted but failed. He has not touched her, or met her face to face, but is occasionally leaving clues that he's been around. Anyway, let's leave aside the issue with the ex-BF.

    I am going to help her with some SD stuff, layered security at the home, and some emergency drills. The oldest kid is a boy, 11 years old and is very responsible. The other kids 5, 7, and 9. If a situation were to occur, I think the eldest can at least help with gathering the kids in a safe room, going for help, dialing 911, etc. The oldest kid has his own cell phone.

    The mom works in a school, so there will be somewhat limited legal use of a firearm. Plus, she's not there just yet. Home use and car storage of a firearm would be the max but I'm not sure just yet.

    So, I'm thinking stun gun, OC, improve layered security at home (including cameras), situational awareness, basic empty hand techniques, and emergency drills with and without the kids. Then practice, practice, practice.

    In case it makes a difference, kids are with her 5 days a week.

    Anything glaring that I am missing?

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    I think you're missing the fact that you'll be unnecesssrily scaring the kids. Leave them out of it. Or better yet, tell them to hang out at the mall more often. It's a safe place as long as you're there.

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    First thing that came to mind was

    I would look into a civil suit for harassment. I doubt it'll do any good, but any bit of leverage that can be used to get him out of her life should be taken full advantage of.

    Get a dog.

    Edit: You say he's left clues that he's been there, but no proof, and there is a restraining order against him. Gather proof. Waterproof night/day security cameras are available at Harbor Freight for $40; a VCR and a 6 hour tape don't cost much either. Too bad he'd be ROR'd soon.
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