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Need info on T9's compared to K9's.

Discussion in 'Kahr Club' started by rotorblade, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. rotorblade


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    Sep 22, 2003
    Rome Ga.
    Ok so after getting up enough money to put towards helping my mom get her self a pistol, I took her out looking about a month ago. She was looking for something she could maybe carry, keep in the car, or use at home. Main use will be in car or at home. After a couple of weeks of looking at dozens including Glock HK SIG Taurus Smith Kahr Beretta (Tomcats)shooting a few she liked including glock Kahr And a sig.

    She shot a HK P30 OK but too big in the grip. Glock 19 nicer but still to fat in the grip. Sig Eh and as she called it "Goofy" go figure. The Kahr P9 kicked to much she said it hurt. Then I found a Guy with a K9 at the range me and her were at shooting I got him to let her shoot it. She liked the Kahr Arms K9 the best. Didn't feel as sharp she said. Felt more substantial in the hand being heavier.
    Ok so that is the one.

    Well then I remembered the T9. Comes with novak night sights and has a little bit longer grip but supposedly not fatter grip. Also has a longer slide with longer barrel. Yet has wood grips verses the K9's rubber grips. Showed her a pic she said its "Bigger". Yep its bigger but essential the same just a longer barrel/slide and grip. She said she would have to see and hold one. Due to it having wood grips see if she liked it with wood.

    I can't find one of the damn things. NO WHERE to be found to look at for her to try out.

    This is holding the process up. She's ready to get a K9 but after seeing the T9 pictures really would like to see and hold in person before she goes all out on a K9

    So Those of you who own, have owned, or have shot and held a T9 compare over all to a K9. Over all feel of the wood verses rubber grips, Longer barrel/slide grip and more weight help with Kick and recoil? Should she wait and find a T9 and check it out, or should she just go ahead and get the K9 and not look back?

    I feel she should wait and find a T9 to look at and then decide, Due to the fact its not going to be a full time concealed carry piece. Mainly a Home and In the Car when She travels. IF it would be carried it would probably be in her purse.

    I'm not asking for the obvious yes its a bigger gun but more of a question of, given the criteria would it be better to go to a K9 or wait and find a T9???
  2. G20-IWB24/7

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    Jan 12, 2006
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    Having owned a dozen Kahrs over the past years, there are two that are still with me, a K9 Elite '03, and an MK9---which serves as my everyday carry-ankle gun.

    The K9 is easier to find parts/mags/etc. for and only gives up one round in capacity. Having said that, I have 8-rd T9 mags with the finger extention on them, set up for use in the K9 so the only difference is the 1/2" of barrel and slide. The K9 is better balanced, in my opinion and actually shoots more accurately in my experience, than it's larger brother. I don't know why, I just know what results I've seen from the range.

    The biggest difference that would be the deciding factor for me is that the T9 comes with the thicker wood grips which make it almost the thickness of a G19, whereas the K9 comes with the thinner rubber Hogue grips, with wood grips as an aftermarket option. Having smaller hands, the K9 and T9 are very different animals. If the T9 came with thin rubber grips like the K9, I might have kept mine.

  3. user

    user VaLegalDefense

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    Feb 15, 2008
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    I have a friend who's a grandmother, pushing eighty years old. (Also an NRA Training Counsellor, and an expert marksman - don't let the grey-hair bun, the specs, the apron, and the trayfull of cookies fool you.) I got a T9 in a couple of weeks ago and showed it to her, having already showed her the K9. She'd really liked the K9, but when she held the T9, she went "oooh! I LIKE that!" Her face just completely lit up and she started sighting on trees in the back yard with it. I think the single-stack magazine is a big plus.

    All that said, the big question is always whether a lady has the grip strength necessary to chamber a round by pulling the slide back; and Kahrs in particular are famous for requiring a complete "slingshot" approach. I generally recommend revolvers. My wife's favorite is a S&W model 67 4" barrel K frame in .38. Took a while to find some grip stocks she liked, but it's perfect for her hand, and well balanced. Heavy enough to deal with the .38 special factory defense loads, but not too heavy for her to hold and aim.

    Neither the T9 nor the K frame revolver would be good for a lady's concealment option, I don't think. If Mom can work the K9 effectively, that would probably be the best all around choice.

    Get the 2003 Elite NS model. Here's someone selling one, right now, and it looks like a good deal to me:

    By the way, Crimson Trace doesn't make a laser grip for the T9, but they do for just about every S&W revolver and for the K9.
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  4. ripley16


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    Dec 10, 2007
    I just finished measuring, as carefully as I could, the grip circumference of my T and K9. I measured two places. I first measured at the top grip screw, right at mid trigger, around the trigger and grip. Next, I measured at the bottom screw. To my great surprize, the two guns are virtually the same. If there is a difference is is less than 1/16". I thought for sure the T9 would be larger at the lower end. I measured the circumference at 7 1/8" at the trigger level.

    IMHO, there is a difference in "feel" between the two guns. The full grip on the T9 would accommodate almost any hand. There's no compact feel, no pinky finger containment and the wood feels grippy and firm.

    The K9 feels good too, but you know you have a compact gun in your hands. I don't have an extended 8 round mad for my K9 with which to compare the T9.

    The controls, trigger, and heft of the guns all feel the same.

    I like both guns, but the T9 has been a favorite. I shoot both guns pretty much the same. If I gave the edge to the T9 in recoil, it would be as subjective as objective... but that full grip, IMO, serves to spread the recoil out into the hand better, (as one would expect).

    While not the same gun in many respects, you may have as much chance, or better, to try a TP9. Just to compare, I also measured my TP9 and found it to be a full 3/4" smaller than the metal framed Kahrs. This may account for so many people adding Hogue Handalls to their poly guns. I know I do.

    I'm glad you asked. I've always wanted the rubber Hogue grips for my T9, but for the wrong reasons. I'd still like them for carry, but just because I don't like wood on a carry gun... any carry gun.

    Whether you want to wait to find a T9 is up to you. The T9 is a hard bird to cage. I bought mine off the internet, and I've only ever seen one other for sale in a shop in many years. To me the better, nicer, more appealling gun is the T, especially if it isn't meant for concealment, where the K has a slight edge.

    One factor that differenciates the two guns is the ease of dismantling. Here, the T is the better. It takesdown like a poly gun...line up marks and pop the pin with your smacking the pin with a screwdriver or hammer as with the K.

    Good luck with your hunt.
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  5. Linux3


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    Dec 31, 2008
    I have a TP9 with a Hogue Handall Jr. grip on it.
    It fits in any open PM9 holster as the width is the same.
    TP9s are a little easier to find and lighter because of the polymer frame.
    I put the Handall on because of the sharp edges. Kahr needs to work on their checkering!

    It shoots great and I like it a lot but as 'user' said the big issue is jacking the slide.