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The easiest way to determine the true worth to someone is put it on Gun Broker. Make the starting bid what you paid for it. At a minimum you get back what you paid if someone bids on it.
‘If your minimum is reasonable it will sell.
This is NOT the time to sell a collectable Glock. Definitely a buyers market. It has been this way for quite a time.

It is collectable for sure as has been pointed out.

If just the handgun and 2 mags I suggest a worth in the $1500.00 range. The correct box is extremely difficult to locate.

Hold onto it until the market improves and it could fetch readily between $2000-$3000 possibly. If you get a 2K offer SELL IT!

There is no accurate gauge of actual worth outside past auctions.
Any blue book will not reflect true value for Collectable Glocks.

Most involved in firearms evaluating do not even recognize Glocks as collectable.
‘I can guarantee most of us here would readily pay high blue book for your DA prefix Glock.
It’s defiantly a buyers market right now for most things firearm related.
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