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    Dec 14, 2006
    i am looking to get a new fishing rod was looking at getting and ugly stick was just wondering if anyone else uses them. if you dont use ugly stick than any other suggestions would be much appreciated.
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    Ugly Sticks are good quality for the money. They are the way to go if you want to buy rods to loan your buddies. You won't be out too much $ when they break them.

    However a quality rod will add to your fishing experience.
    Several years ago I got tired of ruined fishing trips (Salmon) because of broken rods and bought a pair of Lamiglass rods (Kenai Specials). They have a Lifetime Warranty! I don't think any other company does this anymore. Fenwick, one of the best, stopped a long time ago.

    I keep and carry them in a hard case and only remove one when I'm ready to fish. As soon as I'm done the rod goes back into its sock then into the case.
    Car doors, trunk lids and tree limbs eat fishing rods.

    The two times I broke a Lamiglass, I pulled out the spare rod and continued fishing. When I got home, I mailed the broken rod to Lamiglass and a week later, it came back in perfect condition. First time they replaced the tip and the second time I got a new rod.

    A cheaper rod may not have the features that constitute a "good rod". A quality grip is important. The rod should extend through the handle. The spine should be on either the top or the bottom, never on the side. A rod should have the proper number of properly spaced eyes. Too many eyes are just as bad as not enough.