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Need help finding trusted FFL near Bowie

Discussion in 'Maryland/D. C. Glockers' started by rwrjr, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. rwrjr


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    May 25, 2007
    Northern VA
    Hello neighbors across the river. I spent my first 36 years in MD but have been living in VA for the last 11 so I'm kind of out of touch with MD handgun laws and procedures.

    My cousin lives in Bowie and is looking to make her first handgun purchase. She is having trouble finding a Glock dealer close by so I had her check with Mark at for a used G17 or G19.

    Anyway, that means she'll have to transfer it through a FFL in MD. I've searched online but haven't been able to find the answers to these questions:

    1. Can somebody provide contact info for a good FFL near Bowie.
    2. Does my cousin have to do any training or apply for any permits before taking possession of her first handgun?
    3. What are the typical FFL fees in MD?
    4. Does MD have any trigger lock or other such storage laws?

  2. backbore


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    Mar 6, 2003
    I should check the Maryland forum. This is my first time.

    1. Check out Lou Klein. He's in Bowie, Maryland. Good man, works out of his house. He's also a Master Gunsmith. His website doesn't look like much but don't let that scare you.

    2. Your cousin has to take a firearms class after which he'll receive a card that allows him to buy a handgun (I don't think you need it for a long gun but not positive about that). Lou can give the test and it can all be done the same day, ie, take the test and get the card.

    3. The FFL fees here are silly. Lou isn't cheap but he's no more expensive than any other FFL. Budget $55.00 and you'll be in the ballpark.

    4. MD. has a requirement for locks. The type of lock vary by year of production. We USED to be required to purchase handguns only made prior to 2001 (I may be off on the year but I'm close) OR with an internal and integrated lock, like S&W. That's no longer the case. We can now purchase handguns made any year but the type of lock you'll be required to purchase will be more expensive. About $24.00. The type of lock is one that fits in the breach and locks the slide. There are other locks on the MD approved list and if you have one of those just bring it and you're good to go. Lou will walk you through all the requirements.

    I've used Maryland Small Arms a few times and haven't been pleased with the service. They're service is spotty. Use Lou. I can't say enough good things about him.