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Need Glock 26 factory sight specs (Trijicon comparison)

  1. I'm trying to pick between 2 night sights that are in hand as to which would do best on a G26.

    Trijicon- Bright & Tough 3 green dots
    Trijicon- HD

    The "standard 3 dots" appear to be shorter/smaller than factory sights and the "HD" is much taller (nearly 2x the height it appears) so I would like the in-depth factory specs of the plastic OEM sights to compare to Trijicons spec sheet on each!

    The OEM plastic sites height seem to be in between these 2 night sight variants. I don't want to stray too far from OEM height & POA/POI being similar and not botching it.

    Wondering which one would be closest to factory, as I want the most similar sight picture with how I'm familiar with aiming it.

    I'm just now finding out that Glock has OEM night sights that are the proper OEM spec but like the Bright & Tough Trijicons.

    I just don't want to be shooting higher (as many report with HDs) and not sure how the POA will be with the smaller 3 dots "Bright & Tough" white/green night dot version being bulky on a shorter radius G26.

    Trijicon standard 3 white/greens
    HD w/ orange post

    Home defense, not a range master gun being it's subcompact basically.
  2. Glock does not have OEM night sights... the offer models with sights that are manufactured by night sight manufacturers.

    As for style of sights, that’ll be based on your preference. Both of the sight models are solid but assuming you have G26 for EDC, I recommend the bright & tough model or Ameriglo spartans. I have several Glocks with HDs and I hate the rear sight due to the very sharp edges.

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  3. Thanks,

    Can anyone point me to a link showing the OEM specs for normal Glock
    "non night sight" plastic normal sights?

    They look a tad diff on the 26 but likely due to the shorter slide/shorter radius between them.

    Want to see per "Spec list" if the "Bright & Standards" have a better sight picture than factory plastics.
  4. Can anyone point me to a link showing the OEM specs for normal Glock
    "non night sight" plastic normal sights?

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  6. Trijicon XDXR if available. Best I have ever had. I have the orange front sight.
  7. This might help. I think the 6.5 mm is standard for the G26.

    But if the after market replacement front sight is higher or lower than OEM than rear sight will have to been adjusted to compensate.

    If you want to be sure of point of impact try various rear sights in cheap $3 a pop plastic than buy glock rear steel night sights of same height listed in first link. Glock has standard height front sight and adjusts point of impact via various rear sight heights.
  8. I put Ameriglo Pro-IDOT For Glock on my G26.5. Got them off Amazon for around $60.
  9. Ok, well the standard 9mm Rear Sight's overall height is 6.5mm.

    These are the "Bright & Tough" Trijicon 3 dot standard specs.

    Anyone see anything that looks off from gen 3/4 g26's.

    Trijicon- "Bright & Tough" 3 dot Standard
    Front blade width- .144"
    Front blade height- .150"
    Overall Height- .203"
    Rear notch width- .150
    Rear Blade height- .169
    Overall height- .256 (which is 6.5mm per the conversion I just did)

    Now, if Glock coincidentally measures as exactly .256 (6.5mm) once the sight is on top of the slide, well, that will be a problem, as these would only be 4-ish mms above the slide, but from top to bottom of the unit, it's exactly 6.5mm.

    Wonder if the front sight is the same width/ height? Hopefully a tad thinner...
  10. Try not to overthink this. I have the Glock Night Sights (the $67.00 version) on two of my pistols (great value) but my preferred sights on all of my HD and Competition Glocks are the TruGlo TFO. They perform well in daytime, dusk and darkness. Time tested and the best overall value. My Glock 21SF and Glock 34 Gen 3 with these sights are the most accurate pistols I have.
  11. Your worrying too much. It doesn’t matter if there taller than oem sights. As long as there both taller in proportion. And most likely they are or they wouldn’t sell very many.
  12. The rear Glock night sight on my 26 Gen5 I got in June has 6.1 marked in the groove.
  13. Anyone here have a PX4 storm with Trijicons?

    Just chose the Trijicon standard "Bright & Toughs" for my G26 opposed to HDs being home defense.

    My Beretta is my side arm, a track driver from the box, and wanting Night Sights, either OEM or Trijicon preferably
    (I'd love OEMs from Beretta if they make them to the same specs, as the current factory ones have Photoluminescent white paint with pinholes but no vials)

    Its a track driver with the factory sights, so wondering what is closest to them?

    The "Bright & Toughs" have the same 3 dot setup, but wondering if sized the same as I DO NOT prefer to lose my current POA/POI.

    I know some are gonna go straight to talking about HDs and HD-XRs, I'm all ears tho!
  14. If you don't like the Factory OEM Glock night sights you can't go wrong with Trijicon, Trijicon HD are taller than the standar and sometimes it can grab your clothes, so if you want Trijicon you can go with GL01 wich is a classic!