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Need Global wireless internet card for Mac - does it exist?

  1. Hi guys.

    A friend is looking for a wireless internet card that will work in Europe with his Mac laptop.

    He has one from Sprint that works in the US (very well, I might add) but needs one for when he travels to Europe.

    Do any of the carriers offer this product?

    We know that Cingular has one, but it's for PC - not Mac.

    Please let me know.

  2. Anyone?
  3. Cingular just added one recently, for GPRS/HSPDA, but I thought it was a USB dongle.

    Check them out.
  4. You didn't give a lot of info to work on - what Mac Laptop does he have, where does he need it to work, and does it have to be supplied by a US phone vendor? How often will he be using it, and for how much time?

    Older Mac full-size laptops can accommodate a full-sized PC card, newer full-size take Express34, and the smaller ones don't have a card slot at all, making the USB dongle the only viable choice.

    Here's the 'universal' choice - a USB-dongle GSM 3G HSDPA modem from Vodafone, but you've got to buy it in the UK.


    He can also look at the cards from Cingular or T-mobile here in the US - as long as they are quad-band GSM, they'll work worldwide, though using international data via a US provider will kill him on rates.

    I'd advise looking at the country he's going to be using it in most often, and buying the card/dongle and the contract there - won't be cheap, but FAR better than buying in the US and paying int'l rates for every byte.