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Need fashion opinions from GT men

  1. CB92DE66-7A9C-4779-A8ED-1759AFA58670.jpeg

    I’m thinking about rocking this outfit for a special company dinner.

    is it too sexy for a business formal?
  2. The glasses are kind of gay.
  3. 72897293_1041507446204870_8901451937233240064_n.jpg
  4. You'll have to shave your chest to pull it off.
  5. Don't --- You know that guy from Accounting will be wearing the exact same thing. Everyone will assume you copied him.
  6. Gnillort llits si gnillort esrever…


    PS: Daddy approves!
  7. gay-called-demotivational-poster.jpg
  8. I need prescription glasses.
  9. I’m an Oriental. We are not hirsute by genetics.
  10. Looks like the special sauce in a Chip'N'Dale Sandwich.

  11. Well I learned a word today...
  12. In Appalachian vernacular, we ain’t hairy.

  13. ...right hairsuit. Pass me that jug of medicine.
  14. 0E06532E-10BC-47F9-8076-2A2DA3ABE680.jpeg

    You’re right. Juan-Giancarlo in Accounting is on the trashy side.

    perhaps something classic and Greek-inspired?
  15. What company and how special?

  16. Forever 25, and it’s Christmas Party.
  17. Just the glasses?
  18. Where's the studded codpiece?
  19. Goggles might offer more protection for the eyes.
  20. Might I suggest something a little less Gautier and a little more Ralph Lauren as befitting someone of...your years of experience?
  21. Depends on what business you’re in.

    Where will you carry your CCW? Looks like it might print.

  22. I just KNEW that I shouldn't have clicked on this thread!
  23. This is the kind of thread, with the kind of outfit, that only an attention seeker that has real self esteem issues would start because they feel like they can only rely on their physical nature to be interesting to other people. They find it hard to get positive attention any other way. Or something like that. :devildance:
  24. Keister carry...
  25. Keister carry...
  26. Dave, I think you must have attended "The Art Of Subtlety" classes..
    You are as smooth as cocoa butter.
  27. Keister carry...
  28. Don’t body shame. Smart, confident people like to be sexy too.
  29. I'm not sure which is more embarrassing... the outfit itself, or the guy's willingness to model it with a straight face?
  30. They don't look very smart or confident when they go beyond sexy into the realm of sexual attention whore, sir.
  32. Needs a pierced nipple to really tie it all together.
  34. If that's the case; cut out the ass panels and saddle up cowboy. :cowboy:
  35. Business casual? So shorts are out?

  36. Where you gonna stash the Tech Nine?
  37. If the event's at the YMCA, you're good to go.
  38. ^Says the nerd hiding behind his keyboard on a public forum with no fear of his 1,493rd swirly.^

  39. It had never crossed my mind to fear someone contemplating that outfit. But FNL knows I wasn't talking about him anyway.
  40. If you have a body for it, wear it. But I doubt it.
  41. That outfit won't look right with a Tech-9, it calls for a EC9s in 'Muddy Girl'.

  42. You need a red tie to finish that ensemble.
  43. Are you being an attention whore again? Oh wait...
  44. It should be fine as long as you don't wear it to church.

    (Rumor has it that God doesn't care if you dress trashy just so long as you don't wear it into a church building).
  45. I’m not a Harley rider. Don’t want to be a poseur.
  46. Haterz gonna hate.
  47. It might turn the priest on?

  48. Yer too old for them...
  49. I'm not saying we couldn't hook up. Well, we couldn't, but I'm not saying it.