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Need advice

Discussion in 'The US Marine Corps Forum' started by BigBore45, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. BigBore45


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    Apr 9, 2006

    First off I want to thank you all for your service. I am wanting to become one of the few and the proud. I don't know anything about the reservists but I want to become one I need that nudge. I really want to talk to those who are active military. I am 25 years old and i'm an LEO officer. I know a lot about the National Gaurd and have spoken to a recruiter. How long is basic and did you recieve a sign on bonus? Do they help you with your education? What jobs do you have within the Marines and do you enjoy what you do? I just don't know what branch to join. I want to be in the military I just don't know where. Help me out please.
  2. chuckman


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    Nov 9, 2006
    Durham, NC
    I am not a Marine, but was a FMF corpsman attached to Marines for man, many years, lastly with a Marine Reserve unit. If you are interested in the Reserves, check out your local units, find out what kind of units they are (i.e., infantry, support, artillery, whatever). If you desire to be an MP (and stary in LE), you are out of luck if your local units are not. Our unit is a supply/logistics unit, but we spent half the year at Camp Lejeune or in the field. Many of our members were LEOs, some were college students, some lived at home with mom and bagged groceries...a nice cross section of talent and personalities. All served well and with typical Marine distinction when activated and sent to Iraq. Hope this helps.