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Need a .357 Magnum

  1. In my younger days for many years I was a revolver guy (S&W and Ruger) then in the 90s a 1911 guy, in 2008 I started with Glocks.
    Now that in older I’m thinking revolvers again, mostly for fun. So I am starting to collect information and thought this is as good as place as any to start.
    What I’m looking for is a 4-6” barrel in .357 in either a S&W or Ruger. My last 10 years with S&W were not good, mostly due to timing and gap issues with N frame .44 Magnums.
    So I’m leaning towards a Ruger, but I’m looking for suggestions about what people are happy with and what to stay away from.
    The Ruger Champion looks good.
  2. GP100...great wheelgun.
  3. I think you can get a Redhawk in an 8 shot. Can’t go wrong with a GP100. Not a fan of the 101, frame seemed to small. Tended to be a knuckle knocker.
  4. I'm in the market for a .357 as well. Probably not the right time to be buying, tho. Mostly for amusement purposes, I'm going to hit the gun show tomorrow, but if I find something at a reasonable price, I'll pick it up. A GP100 would be perfect.
  5. GP100 Match Champion looks good and shoots well. The Hogue wooden grip is nicely shaped BUT not kind to small hands. I switched it out for the original Ruger GP100 rubber/wood insert grip (compact version) and am now a lot happier with it.
  6. Love my GP100 Match Champion. Like the sights ok, wood grips feel pretty nice. Trigger was so-so out the box, but a little stoning and spring swap and it is smooth as butter. I'm not sure the Match Champion is worth the extra money, but I liked the grips & the fact that they worked the action a bit, before I knew I'd want to mess with it myself anyway...seemed like a good idea at the time, but doing it over I might just get the standard model. I think either a GP or S&W 686 would be a great purchase if you were to have one revolver, and/or one .357
  7. P&R Smith and Wesson for me please.

    Model 28, Model 27, Model 66.

    Or non P&R a la Model 686.

    Nothing with a hole in the side of it.

    Nothing wrong with the GP100, I've just always preferred the smoother double action pull of S&W. And I've never had a timing issue with any except years ago with a 1917 Brazilian DA .45.

    Those who choose the Ruger leave more vintage Smith's for me. :)

    Just my $.02.
  8. Look around and find one of the Ruger "6" series. I believe I have over 15 .357 revolvers and the Ruger Security Six is my favorite.
  9. You can’t go wrong with a Ruger Security Six .357 2.75 inch revolver. They are no longer made, but they occasionally turn up on the used market. I bought mine in the 70s for use as an off duty gun. They are built like a tank and very accurate. The original grips were pretty beat up so I replaced them with one of the extra sets I have in my parts bin. I occasionally use it as my EDC.
  10. [​IMG]
    I own a few revolvers. I have owned others like the Python (1960s and 1970s), also. I have somewhere over two dozen of various brands. My updated pic hasn’t been taken. It’s a lot of work to get them out of the safe, up the elevator, in a place where I can take a family pic.

    The older S&W revolvers are smoother than the newer ones, even in Performance Center variety.

    I have a few Taurus revolvers in 357 Magnum, such as a Taurus Model 66 357 Magnum 7 shot, Taurus 605 5 Shot 357 Magnum, 1994 Custom Shop and Taurus 605 5 Shot 357 Magnum. Their triggers are better than a Ruger in my opinion. I never had issues with them. Maybe I’m the exception.

    I love my S&W Performance Center 627 2.5” 8 Shot 357 Magnum and S&W Performance Center 586 L-Comp 7 Shot 357 Magnum, though. They’re heavy and thick but recoil is minimal.

    I love my Chiappa Rhino 60DS 6 Shot 357 Magnum a lot but top and bottom rails make leather holsters impractical due to abrasion by the rails. Great action and trigger. It’s unconventional but the recoil is minimal compared to a regular wheel gun.

    The Ruger has no lock. That is a big plus, though I don’t mess with them on my S&W. The GP100 and a Redhawk are viable options. The triggers aren’t great but after shooting them, they break in well. I only have a Ruger GP 100 Match Champion 10 mm 6 shot, and got rid of my 357 Magnum varieties. The biggest advantage of a Ruger is that they’re overbuilt. Many can handle the heaviest ammunition/cartridges such as Buffalo Bore, Underwood, etc, in the Redhawk and Super Redhawk variety. If I were to get a Ruger now, I’d get a 7 shot Redhawk since capacity is excellent, and it’s built to handle the heaviest loads.

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  11. C64D3140-8FD1-486E-806F-F7162C351891.jpeg
  12. I never had a problem smoothing out the action in a Ruger. Back in the day it was a given to do a trigger job on one, looking at the prices they seem kind of high, is it the sign of the times?
  13. I suggest a nice pre-lock P&R model 19 or 66.

    This is actually a 19 that I had hardchromed. Professionally bobbed hammer, DOA.
  14. I want a S&W 686 3-5-7:

    I missed one on a local forum about two weeks ago. :(
  15. I agree that I have no interest in NEW S&W revolvers, but I avoid buying any guns new, when possible, and that goes double for revolvers and triple for S&W products.

    If I needed a revolver, I'd go buy a pre-lock Smith & Wesson L frame.
  16. Alright dammit, I can't seem to not post pics. Y'all are going to be (or already are) tired of seeing these I'm sure.

    20200527_184110.jpg 20170304_210224.jpg

    But I like P&R Smith's. Guess I need to take new pictures.
  17. That is a sweet gun, any chance you have some better/bigger pics? Not sure I've seen a hard chromed 19 before.
  18. upload_2020-9-25_18-4-2.jpeg
    Sorry, no. Regretfully I let this one go. Here is a “before” picture. The blued finish was really worn, looks much better in the picture than up close and personal.
  19. S&W 686 with 3 inch barrel. Great gun.
  20. This. I have a stainless 4" with aftermarket Altamont grips, and I absolutely love it. Those hot 125gr. loads kick something fierce though.
  21. Maybe consider a Dan Wesson?

  22. My first centerfire revolver was a six inch Security Six. A great gun I wish I still had.
  23. Those things are awesome. The only thing I never liked about them was the cylinder release being on the crane.
  24. C6172942-4657-4838-BB70-F8CC9E121B8A.jpeg My GP100 a 3” fixed sight version. I mainly use the compact Lett grip shown, but sometimes use the large rubber Hogue grip it came with, which I find very comfortable.
    I bought a wood Hogue grip, but I would need to get Dremel tool with sanding drum out to make it work for me. I shot some 145gn Silvertip with it installed, and it was beating the web of my hand pretty bad... Just too thick there. I have shot a Model 19 snubbie with the small Magna grips and didn’t have a problem, so I know it’s not me. 9FC56338-C71E-46BB-88EB-89979F4146BC.jpeg
  25. All of this porn will make it easy to drop my cash.
  26. Went to some local shops and found out this is probably not the time to buy a new gun with the prices I seen.
  27. This would be at the top of my list. Just a solid built revolver.
  28. When I bought my GP100, I had a lot of experience with S&W K and L frames. I read the trigger pull was inferior on the GP, and studied up on GP trigger jobs.
    When I brought my new GP home, I was surprised to find a very smooth DA trigger, comparable to my well used Model 15.
  29. Yeah the GP100 Champion is a nice option.
  30. Deals are definitely harder to find right now, but not impossible. I found a great price on an M&P full size here in the GT classifieds and a reasonable price on an NRA P365XL at the LGS.

    As for the topic:

  31. I'm thinking I shouldn't, but do like the looks of those grips. Home made/custom Pachmayr/wood combination?
  32. S&W 686+ or Ruger GP100 7 shot. Both rock solid pistols
  33. My favorite .357 Mag pistol is a 686, but have never owned one.
  34. I had one when they first came out and it is a tank. Being I’m not hearing any negatives on it and my previous experience with problematic S&W revolvers I’m probably going with a GP100. I had a 4” before and it was nice but I always wanted a 6” .357mag, every .357 I had before was 4”.
  35. So I am seeing prices of 730.00 and up, is that normal or due to this environment we are in?
  36. It's a Pachmayr product (American Legend), although this exact version appears to be no longer made.

    Their website has them for round butt k frames, but I had to track down that one for the square butt on eBay.
  37. I am actually considering selling my 686 4" pre-lock...smoothest dbl action of any revolver I have ever owned ( since 1971)...I know it makes me sound like a traitor or something, but I just don't shoot her anymore...I will post here if I decide to let her go to a good home
  38. depending upon the model/brand, 730 could be low...I suspect my 686 would bring more than that
  39. I chose the Ruger Redhawk in 357 to allow me to continue training while I rehabilitated a hand injury. The unexpected benefit to me was how much I enjoy shooting this gun. It is heavy, which is both a burden and a blessing. It takes a little muscle to hold it steady, but the recoil is very manageable. I am capable of holding tight groups with my left hand. But initially, managing guns with a lot of recoil is not something that I could do well while shooting southpaw.
    TOP: Ruger Redhawk chambered in .44 Magnum (six round capacity). BOTTOM: Ruger Redhawk chambered in .357 Magnum (eight round capacity). The .357 can utilize moon clips and ejects rounds with or without moon clips (clip pictured leaning near the trigger guard).

    On a number of occasions, I fired a friend's GP100 on range outings and noticed its superb tack driving potential. Later, when I had the opportunity to purchase Ruger's factory tuned GP100 Match Champion, I was not disappointed in this revolvers accuracy and smooth single and double action pulls. Ruger revolvers are well known for their strength and durability and the GP100 one ups this reputation by proving to be superbly accurate.
    Seven yards, twenty five rounds fired double action from a Ruger GP100 Match Champion .357 Magnum
  40. Things have changed since my revolver days. The 730 was GP100, I haven’t priced a 686.
  41. I didn’t know they made a Redhawk in .357 magnum.
  42. Man - we need some more information!

    Looks like price IS a factor. And all you said was for "fun" and we have no idea what that means. Might you cry it? Will you hunt? Or just at the range?

    I was in your position, and realized that it was mostly a fun gun. So I went Ruger Blackhawk. Now I can get my inner cowboy out!


    #1 Ruger GP 100 in 4 or 6 inch is the Ford F150 of .357. 4" probably the best all-around
    #2 S&W 686 is never the wrong, although expensive, answer. 686+ if you want just one more round before reload!
    # DO NOT HATE TAURUS! The Taurus 66 or the 627 are both decent, and less expensive

    Me...Loving the Single Action life!!!
  43. Fun means range time with mostly some of the 2000 rounds .38 ammo that I have and some .357 ammo.
    Outside fun shooting long range into a hillside.
    I’ve had Blackhawks before but I’m not a single action revolver guy.
    And yes price is a factor, I not sure about spending nearly 750.00 + tax for a GP100.
  44. 62AC3844-B8AE-4633-B8AD-0D319F5C8619.jpeg

    I have the same model. I added the small Ruger rubber/wood grips, changed out springs, did a little smoothing, and added a quality holster.

    If there’s one gun that I put absolute full faith into, this is it. With the Kramer holster and a thick belt, it carries and conceals very, very well.
  45. I was in the same boat. The only 357 I had was the Python I use for my avatar. I purchased a 627 4" 8 shot and 686 5" 7 shot both Pro Series.

  46. Lots of good ones out there I have Dan Wesson 15-2 6" model, I have also used/carried/had S&W model 27/28, Ruger GP100,and Colt Python and Cobra I can recommend them all
  47. The Security Six and GP100 are much more modern designs than any S&W, which still adheres to the early ejector model configuration. But comparatively they suffer from somewhat loose production tolerances. This lends to the Rugers' reputation for crudeness and poor triggers.

    If you get a good one, the Ruger DA is going to be a fine option. I've slicked up several triggers with some stoning and spring changes, which can result in a very pleasant DA pull, and a superb SA break.

    A GP100 4.2 inch is about the only .357 revolver one would ever need. If you want something to gawk at and attention at the range, go for a S&W.
  48. They make an 8 shot .357 Redhawk!