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I have a Glock 17 Gen 2, which has no accessory rail, so I thought this might be a nice laser sight for it. It was about $17 on Amazon. It is actually pretty nice, and would work on an Airsoft gun or a .22 pistol, I am sure. The light is fairly bright, especially at dusk or inside. I got it all mounted up tight and solid, and aligned it with the iron sights... took one (1) shot, and... it broke on the very first shot! It just cannot tolerate the shock of a 9MM shot.

It would still light up, but you have to press on the bottom of it, before the light came back on. Yeah, wouldn't be so handy in a firefight. Amazon gave me a refund, and all, but I just didn't want anybody to waste time with this. I am now considering getting one of those aluminum rail adapters, and some other rail-mounted laser sight.
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