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I have managed to divest myself of all but a couple of firearms that do not fire a couple of common calibers. .22, .45, .357 and .223 are what I have settled on. The only gun I am keeping that doesn't fire one of those is an heirloom that belonged to dear old Mom!

I thought I would post this up again and see if there was any interest.

I am looking for: 16" AR Dissipator Barrel setup, 4-6" revolvers in .357, Lever action in .357, 1911s, G30/G21. Maybe open to other trades so don't be shy in offering something not listed. Also don't be offended if I am not interested.

Trade/Cash value for the rifle is securely in the $450 range, but I am willing to do +/- some cash for the right trade. I would, of course, prefer FTF and am willing to meet someone half-way but for the right deal, would consider shipping etc. (Shipping NOT included in this price)

On to the rifle!
This is a 65 (Unfortunately, not a pre-65) that has been sitting in my safe for 20 years. With one small exception, it is in fantastic shape.

Here is the one area... I let it fall against something and there is a small ding in the finish along with a small crease in the forearm wood.

Other than that, it is a collector.

Couple more pics to follow
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