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NC Pending Firearms Legislation

  1. Here are the bill numbers and titles to current pending NC Firearms Legislation. I have also included a link to the site where you can look up the bills and see who the sponsors are. Also, how to contact your representative via email, phone or mail. PLEASE, your help is vital to pass or in one case DEFEAT the bill.

    Click on the link and look on the right of the page. All you have to do is enter the bill number, such as(S 1094) in the block and then you can view the bills history.


    S 1094 Personal Protection in Restaurants.
    S 466 Amend Concealed Weapons Law
    S 311 Increase Penalty/Felon With Firearm.
    S 294 Sport Shooting Range Protection.
    S 8 Expand Safe Zones/Schools, Parks, Child Ctrs. .(THIS BILL NEEDS TO BE DEFEATED OR GROSSLY MODIFIED)
    S 9 DV Order/No Firearm Purchase.
    S 10 Violate Order/Possess Deadly Weapon Felony.
    S 28 Violate Order/Possess Deadly Weapon Felony.
    H 830 Concealed Handgun Permit Valid in Parks.
    H 831 Personal Protection in Restaurants.
    H 573 Authorize Judge/Concealed Weapon in Court.
    H 310 No Seizure of Lawful Firearms in Emergency.
    H 202 DV Order/Plaintiff Protection
  2. I am making this a sticky.

    If somebody wants to put a similar thread together for SC, I will sticky it too! :)
  3. Thanks for making this a "sticky".
  4. Thanks this is great information and I will be looking at my representative and try to persuade them to take the RIGHT action.
  5. Thanks this is great information and I will be looking at my representative and try to persuade them to take the RIGHT action.
  6. If I am reading this right, after Dec 1, will you be able to CCW in North Carolina restaurants where beer and wine is sold and consumed? This is a big issue, because most non fast food restaurants serve beer and wine, so the gun gets left in the car.

    G.S. 18B?1000(2) Refers to ABC Permits.
    G.S. 18B-1000(6) refers to sale of beer and wine, but not mixed beverages.
  7. you are reading the proposal properly, they propose that it be legal as of Dec 1 but it has to be approved first, just my .02 it might be wrong but I'm pretty sure that's how it works.
  8. S 8 Expand Safe Zones/Schools, Parks, Child Ctrs

    I'm confused why this is a big deal to anyone who is law-abiding, maybe I didn't read it properly but it looks to me like as long as you aren't commiting an offense then you shouldn't have an issue with it. These things can be rather hard to read/comprehend so maybe I'm reading/comprehending wrong so someone enlightment me.
  9. S-8 has been greatly modified from the original bill. As passed, it did not include any restrictions on firearms...just drugs. IF the original had passed, you would not have been able to stop by a McDonalds on the way to a hunting club and park your vehicle containing your firearm on the premises IF McDonalds had a play center or playground.
  10. Blueridge, it looks like this bill is dead in the water right now. Before it can become law it has to be voted on 3 times on the floor. The Judiciary 1 committee is chaired by Democrat Deborah Ross from Wake County. Of the three vice charipersons, one is a woman and of the two remaining men, one is a former marine. He may be our best bet for ever getting this bill moving. Democrats chair all the committes and that is why it is so difficult to get gun bills voted on. They usually die in committee. Maybe next session...
  11. I believe you are correct on H 831. I wrote our democrat rep last week, and he said it was not going to pass this year. Bummer. They are also trying to get local parks removed from the ban also.

    My question is, if a NC restaurant serves Beer and Wine only after 12:00 PM, Noon, would it be ok to CCW in there in the morning for breakfast, when alcohol is neither served or consumed, assuming you are out of there before noon? The law states you cannot CCW in an establishment that alcohol is served and consumed, but at this time of the day, alcohol is not served or consumed. This is similar to NC grocery stores not selling beer or wine on Sunday mornings, sure they sell it, but just not at this time of the day.

    Has anyone ran into this question before? I've asked our county sheriff, and he does not have an answer on this question.
  12. I wouldn't risk it. INAL, but it seems to me that the establishment meets the criteria, even if nothing is currently being sold.
  13. As I understand the law, and I am not an attorney but this is what I understand:

    Every word in the GS weighs the same. GS 14-269.3 states "It shall be unlawful for any person to carry any gun, rifle, or pistol into any assembly where a fee has been charged for admission thereto, or into any establishment in which alcoholic beverages are sold and consumed".

    "AND" being the key word. If the establishment does not sell or allow consumption, I'm carrying. Grocery stores that do not allow consumption (which most do not) do not apply, I'm carrying.

    We waive our right to carry if we consume alcohol or even have residue of consumption. The GS that prohibits carrying in restaurants that serve alcohol is not necessary. I hope it gets repealed soon.
  14. *deleted*
  15. do you have to open carry in resteraunts in north carolina..such as fridays or ruby tuesdays or can you ccw??????im from pennsylvania but travel to charlotte n.c to visit family all the time..
  16. Since fridays, ruby tuesdays sell alcohol, see Skydivin's note above.
  17. are there any plans to change this?:upeyes:
  18. SC has the same issue. Georgia is the only one in our area leading the way...
  19. How do we get GA, SC, and NC to at least come to an understanding about their laws. We need to come together and write one good law and have all three states accept the language. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" /><o:p></o:p>
    Is seems to me that the problem is not whether or not to be carrying into bars and restaurants, THAT IS HANDS OFF EVERYWHERE, but rather being in possession during a traffic stop and whether the firearm should be concealed or openly displayed.<o:p></o:p>
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    A SC resident is taught to leave the weapon in the vehicle secured in the truck or in a latched glove box or center console or “HAVE THE WEAPON CONCEALED ON YOUR PERSON”. But you can not enter an establishment that services alcohol for “on site consumption."

    Ideally, we can come to some standard language that would apply to all three states.

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  20. Just let's leave GA out of the talks - I don't want whoever wrote some of THEIR ridiculous CCW restrictions anywhere NEAR the negotiations...;)
  21. Anyone heard anything on this recently?
  22. I too am curious, any news on these bills?
  23. Update on Pending Pro-Gun Legislation in North Carolina

    On Tuesday, June 2, the Senate Judiciary II Committee amended House Bill 473, then reported it out. The amendment added an additional training requirement for magistrates with a valid Right-to-Carry permit before they will be allowed to carry a concealed firearm into a courthouse, provided they are there on official business. The additional training must be “substantially similar to that provided to certified law enforcement officers in North Carolina .” The bill was then re-referred to the Senate Judiciary I Committee, where a hearing has yet to be scheduled. We will keep you updated on this legislation.

    House Bill 1132, which was also scheduled for the Senate Judiciary II Committee, was heard on Thursday, June 4, where it received a favorable report. This bill states that if a Right-to-Carry permit holder applies for a renewal of his or her permit within 30 days of the expiration of the permit, the permit will be valid until the renewal is officially approved or denied. The next step should be the Senate floor, but we will also keep you updated on this bill.

    Unfortunately, Senate Bill 928, the Castle Doctrine Bill, appears to be bogged down. This bill was referred to three separate committees, the first being the House Judiciary I Committee. That committee is Chaired by anti-gun State Representative Deborah Ross (D-38), and she appears to be unwilling to set a date for a hearing. Please contact Representative Ross and urge her to allow this critical legislation—which received overwhelming, bi-partisan support in the Senate—to be heard. Please call Representative Ross at 919-733-5773 or e-mail her at [email protected]. Also, please call or email your State Representative and ask them to urge House leadership to bring SB 928 up for consideration. You can call your Representative at 919-733-7928. To find your Representative, please click here.

  24. Does anyone know if we have any bills yet to allow people to store firearms safely in their locked vehicles while at their place of employment? I seem to have read something about this happening in Indiana.

    It's such a pain to have to go back to my house to get my gear before I go to the range. It would be better to be able to leave directly from my job and go to the range, but our rules state no firearms on company property.


    UPDATE: I think I answered my own question. Take a look at HOUSE BILL 1133.

  25. It's my sad duty to inform you that NC House Bill 1133 has been killed in the Judiciary I committee.

    An e-mail reply from one of the sponsor's office:

    Thank you for contacting our office concerning this important
    legislation. House Bill 1133 died in Judiciary Committee and is not
    eligible to be heard in the upcoming short session, however,
    Representative Hilton plans to reintroduce the bill in the 2011 session.

    That's how much I think that the legislature thinks of the 2nd Ammendment. I'm planning on trying to be prepared for 2011.