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NBC report: Special Prosecutor John Durham set to inteview John Brennan

  1. I'm not a prosecutor and I didn't slept at The Holiday In Express last night, but when you are doing an investigation so complex as this one I believe you want to put the main conspirators under oath and interview them only after you gathered enough information from other witnesses and have all the relevant to the case documents sorted out, so you know when the suspects are lying, isn't it?

    I believe we are very close (perhaps weeks) to indictments being handed out to the Obama gang who attempted the coup against President Trump.

    John Durham set to interview John Brennan: Report
  2. Yep, when you're the subject of the investigation, they already know the all answers to the questions they're going to ask you.
  3. Oh Praise the Lord.
  4. I believe Durham already interviewed or is interviewing James Comey right now.

    Best evidence?

    Comey like Trump is a prolific Twitter user, yet the last tweet he posted is dated July 24th.
    His lawyers must have told him to stop digging himself deeper in the hole he's in right now.

    Screenshot 2020-08-06 at 9.32.02 AM.png
  5. Get ready for lots of "At this time I am going to exercise my Fifth Amendment Rights."

    If Comey and Brennan go down I hope they rat out Obama and Creepy Joe to save their own hides.

    I'm not holding my breath, but if Durham has what he's flexing, and make no mistake about it, he's flexing some serious prosecutory muscle in doing this interview, this could really be something, maybe, hopefully.
  6. And since they're democrats that will be the end of it.
  7. I know that Hillary and Obama will never be touched. I doubt it would ever happen but a Comey/Brennan prosecution and conviction would mean something. It would bring a small amount of credibility back to our government although there is still a long way to go.

    I doubt anything would happen to Brennan except some minor plea bargain. He could put a lot of people in prison and cause a lot of problems for politicians (both sides) with his knowledge.
  8. The rest of these rats obviously see that comey is going down under water. So the rest of these rat jackwagons will jump on the rat train and keep comey underwater to save their own RAT a$$es.
  9. Comey is the pasty... they`ve ALL got stories, and will sink Comey to save their own a$$.
    Just more lies to keep "themselves" from going to prison. Sally Yates ring a bell? There is no way anyone will ever convince me that she didnt know anything illegal was going on. She was OBAMA`s be`atch!
  10. It seems like Comey, Brennan, and Clapper have all been laying low in recent weeks. At least, I haven't seen/heard the latter two do their usual idiotic popping off as "analysts" for their respective communist "news" networks.

  11. First thing your lawyer is telling you to do when you find out you're investigated: stop talking to anyone.
  12. awesome!!!
  13. What are they going to chat about? Grandkids? Recipes? Yoga? Misprision of Treason?
  14. I’m thinking there are going to be a whole lot if very upset, depressed folks when, like every other investigation turns into a fizzle.