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Naval Air Station Pensacola active shooter reported

  1. Prayers to the victims and their families.
  2. Prayers for the victioms. Navy sure has been going through a lot of crap last few days.
  3. My FIL was scheduled for hip surgery at that hospital this morning. They had to postpone his surgery because they're taking in the shooting victims.

    This sucks all the way around. I hope the only fatality is the shooter.
  4. Hmmmm.
    Two incidents at naval installations in one week?
    We get a third shortly and it's no coincidence.
  5. This is so sad. Prayers for the families... Listening to the aftermath on Broadcastify.
  6. Once is happenstance,
    Twice is coincidence,
    Three times is enemy action.

  7. You beat me to it.
  8. What the hell is going on.
  9. Sounds like we need to take all guns away from the military.... Ummm, wait...
  10. quicker.jpg


    My nephew just retired from there last year after 31 years as a Command Master Chief. I sent him a message in case he didn't know about it yet. he should be able to get some info from some people still there.
  11. Prayers to the victims ....
  12. I wonder if...
    Nope. Not going to say it...
  13. What is going on? Copycat? Some coordination?

    Hope we do not see more of this.

    I spent about 6 months at NAS Pensacola on hold waiting for orders. Lovely place. Great museum. This is just terrible.
  14. This is the third. The first was the LODD of Master-at-Arms Temores 30 November.

    Second was Pearl Harbour.
  15. Prayers for all involved.
  16. Prayers sent for the victims. tom.
  17. That wasn't a shooting, maybe that's why it got little press. No word on motive.

    I don't know what's going on in this world. Is someone putting something in the water or beaming things into peoples' heads?
  18. Now this is getting interesting.
  19. Prayers sent.

    It seems that the devil is working overtime these days.
  20. Saudi National...
  21. Way back during my time in the military (willie pete should remember this) we were constantly being briefed and warned of sleeper cells/agents that could be among our military/civilian populace and activated at any time. Perhaps somebody is waking them up?
  22. Aren't military bases mostly gun-free zones, except for official use only?
  23. @Ramjet38 says he had to watch out for the Redcoats doing the same thing when he was in the Army.
  24. I was in the Navy dipwad and it was U-boats. Geesh!
  25. Was this your boat??
  26. The U.S. trains all Saudi Pilots, since they use/buy our aircraft. Long history of this so I am not surprised when I read they he used a service issued weapon.
  27. You can't get anything right today. You ate that fried squirrel didn't you?
  28. That was what G. Romero, the Pear Harbor shooter used.
  29. that really says a lot. The Saudis don’t send their worst over for this type of training. Usually someone’s son, or heir.
  30. Yes and that is what is being reported as being used by the Pensacola shooter also.
  31. Yes and it sucks. If they can't trust at least some of the leaders to carry why are they trusted to be leaders?
  32. We also trained W. German and S. Vietnam pilots during the VN war st Sheppard AFB , TX when I was there.

    Neither were issued .gov weapons.

    Policy must have changed.

    I suspect it will change back now.
  33. There is some chance that this is not terror but a hissy fit. Maybe his flying skills suck or maybe the hot blonde American women were laughing at him instead of acting like slutty porn stars. Arab boys don't seem to have a lot of lessons in self restraint.
  34. I was in the Navy when the Shah of Iran got tossed out. In Groton we were training a bunch of Iranian sailors. They were wicked rich compared to us USN enlisted guys...drove new Vettes and Camaros. But they were scrambling to find any trailer trash woman around to avoid having to go back home. Wonder how many are still here?
  35. So these are my views only. I was in charge of all Royal Saudi Navy Pilots going through primary flight training in Pensacola...specifically Whiting Field from 06-09. The Saudi’s are not issued Guns, ever. Regardless, IMO, this doesn’t surprise me. Of course this could be a personal thing, like a girl, or could have a higher motive. I can’t talk about a few things we had happen during my time but if it is motivated by a means of terror, I am not surprised.

    This student was a RSAF student, not a RSNF student. Generally, if it isn’t Aviation Preflight Indoc the Saudi’s are going through, they are WSOs or Weapon System Operators...back seaters.
  36. Why would a pilot have an M4? I suspect he got the weapon(s) off post either from a Saudi friend or in a bar parking lot.
  37. Yep. the shooter was a Saudi national.

    And the OIC had this to say back in 1917:

    "Immersing international students in our U.S. Navy training and culture helps build partnership capacity for both the present and for the years ahead," Cmdr. Bill Gibson, the center’s officer-in-charge, said in 2017. "These relationships are truly a win-win for everyone involved."

    Except this time it was a lose-lose.
  38. When officers say that kind of happy horse chit I ignore it, it is just an expected diplomatic noise.
  39. If news services are reporting he used issued weapons like that; I am going to guess bad reporting due to cross-talk about the Pearl shooter.

    I can't see any reason why foreign nations would be issued M9's; much less
  40. These days it's more than just expected diplomatic noise. Unfortunately with many, it's an actual mindset.
  41. True. Had a Saudi doctor in my AIT class. He was a cool guy.
  42. It never changed....so much bull**** being spewed on this topic, not surprised.
  43. Just heard base commander say no weapons allowed on the base.

    Another gun free zone - seems to be working well. :steamed: