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Nashua dinner plans?

  1. Does anyone have any plans for a group meeting this Friday night? Meeting a lot of the competitors and having dinner Friday night is one of the highlights of GSSF for Nan and I and we'd like to continue the tradition in Nashua. We'll be hitting the road in the morning and might not be in contact after tonight!

    Dan & Nan in NC
  2. All depends on when Russ and I can leave, if we can get going around 2:00 p.m. we can get there between 6 and 7 if that works for you guys. Don't know if the cell phone will work up there but you can try us around 5 or so at 646-302-7341 or give us your number to try and we can update our progress. Will try and be there for dinner.
  3. On second thought now that we have your lovely invitation to dinner Russ and I will leave in time to get there before 7:00, if that works let me know

  4. Marc,

    Have a great trip and fun match! Sorry that Dan(Cigna63), Todd(THKPara) and Nathan(the_ruiner) and I will not be there Saturday to see you guys... but part of our crew will see you at Westhampton the following week.

    Go Team Sidearmor!

  5. OnTarget, very sorry we didn't see your reply before we left! Nan and I left Wednesday, arriving in NH Thursday but we didn't have any internet access during our trip! My fault for not posting something earlier! Our next match will be Statesville, probably too far for you guys but we always have had a group meeting there on Friday evenings for some good times before the match. Hope to see you guys there!

    Dan & Nan in NC
  6. Dan & Nan glad we got to meet you guys, Russ and I are going to try for Conyers this year, hope to see you then.