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Narcos - interesting show

  1. I just started watching the Netflix series Narcos. Pretty good so far.
  2. Binge watched yesterday and today.
    Just finished the last episode of the season half an hour ago.
    Excellent show, just waiting for season 2.
  3. I like it.
  4. Halfway through it right now and their armorer should have done some googling. In a few places you can see Styer TMP's a gun that didn't even enter production till 1992. I also had never heard of the Israeli connection that made the Galils and Uzi's so popular with the Cartel.

  5. It's just a fictional TV series inspired by real characters and a true story. Emphasis on the words "fictional" and "inspired". I'm sure if I take my time I could find another 500 disparities between the real historical events and what happens in the movie. But that is not why I spent the last two days watching it.
    Just relax and enjoy. That's what movies are for. Entertainment, not history classes.
  6. They are actually sticking to the real story fairly well. I'm just wondering if Grey Fox is going to make an appearance. Did you read Bowden's book?
  7. I think so too. It's not a documentary, but it is entertaining.
  8. I love it....i haven't shaved or eaten for days since i started it.....lol
  9. It is addictive. I already got through the season 1. Now I get to wait for the next one.
  10. I did that with house of cards .....watched every season back to back...
  11. Never saw that one. Thanks, I may not leave the couch now.
  12. Ha ha ha ....if you are into politics, you will love it
  13. My wife said we should start watching this. To which I asked, When? :faint:

    It's been a busy summer. May not get to it until winter time. :popcorn:
  14. Use the time to bone up on your Espanol or you will be doing equal parts reading and watching.
  15. This is about Pablo Escobar, since it hasn't been mentioned.

    I'll start watching it tomorrow.
  16. Thanks for the tip. :thumbsup:

    I remember when my dad stopped watching "The Bridge" for the same reason. :timeforthat:
  17. I sit at a desk infront of 5 monitors most days and usually I like to have something playing while I work. Could not do that with this show because I was constantly glued to the screen trying to read the dialog. Seriously, this show is easily 80/20 Spanish to English, possibly even 90/10. All that being said, it doesn't take away from it at all, frankly I think it adds authenticity. I hate when movies like The Hunt For Red October have the "Russians" speaking in British accented English.
  18. Yep, pretty good
  19. Just a word of caution...you may not want the little ones roaming around when you watch it. It has a good amount of nudity, sex, and violence. I'm not saying that like it's a bad thing, mind you. Just cautioning.
  20. I was pretty shocked. I mean you see simulated sex on HBO and Showtimes shows and there might be a tit hanging out but there is one scene where a guy actually stimulates his lady's top half with his mouth on camera. That ain't exactly something you can fake.
  21. I just started it up again and wanted to comment on another accurate part. In the show Pablo is constantly rolling "cigarettes" while the rest of his crew is smoking commercially purchased cigarettes. In real life Pablo was a HUGE pothead and about midway through season 8 you see him offer his "cigarette" to his cousin who is already smoking and he declines.

    I'm really surprised at how try they are staying up to this point.
  22. Perhaps the latter episodes are stuck in my mind, but they do show him smoking pot a lot.
  23. I just started watching this, and I am enjoying it immensely.

    I read the book "Killing Pablo" years and years ago, and this series dove-tails nicely with that book.
  24. Finally, season 2 is out!
  25. They blew right over Barry seal with half truths and it turned me off
  26. Halfway through season 2. Its exceeding my expectations. Los Pepes ain't ****ing around.
  27. I watched the first three episodes a few months ago and kind of forgot about it.