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It is one of the funniest firearms scenes I can remember in any movie. Two, slick, big city type lowlifes passing through a small town stop at a Mom and Pop diner. I believe they have lunch and then on the way out, when they get to the register, one of them gets the Bright Idea to rob the place instead of pay.

As he points his weapon at the cashier, there arises a great din of actions being cycled, safeties being clicked off, shotguns being pumped or actions closed and triggers being cocked. Every customer of the diner has the would-be robbers in their sights. Even granny, who can barely heft her Single Action Army. It is a hoot.

I've been trying to figure of what movie this is from. Anyone know? Better yet, have a link to this scene on YouTube?

Of course, these days there's the "Wrong Bar" Glock commercial in which an especially stupid robber tries to stick up a cop bar. (This is the new, Politically Correct way to show an establishment full of armed customers - they gotta be cops.)

Even though "Good Guys With A Gun Stop Crime" is supposed to be fiction, and movies are themselves fiction, we seldom see GGWAG demonstrated in the movies. Most curious. Hollyweird seems strangely reluctant to show ordinary gun owners in a favorable light.

In any case, if any of you can recall the movie that has this scene, I'd appreciate knowing its title.

And, if you don't know this particular movie, can you name others with a scene showing the benefits of an armed populace?
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Code of Silence, but you may be looking for something else.
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